Just ONE person caring makes other people care. <3


My son and I have had the flu for almost a week now, and on Saturday while picking up Ollie's flu meds, I noticed a hurt squirrel ๐Ÿฟ in parking spot next to mine. A women nearly swerved into that spot after I got out of the car, so I starting moving my arms like a crazy person making sure she didn't park there.


She thanked me out of the window and then ran to help me. Together we took turns running into Walgreens to ask for bags, napkins, a box (they had no tape). Although this little ๐Ÿฟ lady had a broken back leg, she ran, jumped, and flew around like a super star getting away from us. It was insanely difficult to get her safely in the box we were trying to rescue her with.

Another man in a spot near by yelled out that his daughter brought a squirrel to a rescue and he'll get us the phone number. Another older gentleman parked and gave us a towel and brought out gloves. ๐Ÿงค He helped the women (Susan) get the squirrel safely in the ๐Ÿ“ฆ.

I am so grateful for the humanity of others. Susan brought the little baby to the rescue house and later called me to thank me for caring, saying that โ€œjust one person caring makes other people care". Even though my baby was home sick, even though I was getting sicker by the minute, hours later, my ๐Ÿ’— still WARMED that FOUR people worked so hard to save a little squirrel.
๐Ÿ“ธ by Alyssa Aviles-Hopkins during our#engagement shoot, 6 years ago. ๐Ÿ’—

Quito Ecuador

Have you ever gone on a trip and were so fearful of something going wrong, but had an AMAZING trip?!? That was my trip to Ecuador. 

Husband and I went to the CENTER of the World!! Yay!!&nbsp;

Husband and I went to the CENTER of the World!! Yay!! 

This was the view from the house we were staying at in Cumbaya. Isn't is AMAZING??&nbsp;

This was the view from the house we were staying at in Cumbaya. Isn't is AMAZING?? 

The BIGGEST empanada I've EVER seen!&nbsp;

The BIGGEST empanada I've EVER seen! 

When I have some more time, I really want to show some more in-depth pictures of our trip and tell you about some of the amazing places we had the chance to see, but for now, here is a little eye candy. :) 

Yay!, Jenipher

Confessions + Bravery

It's been a crazy few weeks filled of projects and stress. Alas work has got to stop, at least for a few days because.... 

We're off to Quito tomorrow (Friday) evening to see oddles of boy's family, hopefully eat lots of yummy treats and even MORE hopefully, meet some llamas!!!!

I wish you all a wonderful week. Be BRAVE!!
(and cross your fingers I'm brave too lol)


100 Day Project!

Okay.... I give in! I decided to participate in the #100daysproject... BUT Iโ€™m not having a theme. I just want to grow my comfortability with experimenting and my portfolio, so TA DA! A fun super weird doodle to start my 100 days off right!!


Iโ€™ve really been wanting to do something with oodles of little heart people. Mission accomplished!! Day 5/100 of the #100dayproject... annnndddd DONE! ๐Ÿ˜Š

 I post a new one everyday, so make sure to follow along and say hello on Instagram


New Podcast: She Percolates with Danielle and Jen.

I'm super excited to have been a guest on the She Percolates podcast!


We talked about "success" and what it means to me in addition to: 

  • life not being perfect
  • how rejection can help make you successful
  • what you do VS what you really want to do
  • how stubbornness, creativity and my unwillingness to fail 
  • spending time on non-work related tasks/projects

I really hope you like the episode! Let me know what you think!! @Jenipherlyn :) 

Waiting for Progression.

In a day and age where instant gratification is not only possible, but the norm, it's totally justified that we're all getting impatient because progression isn't instant. It's takes a crap load of work and determination to make real progress in just about anything.

Working for yourself is no exception. When you work for yourself there's no one telling you "Good Job". There are no pay raises or high fives in the office to reaffirm you that you're improving. It's just you and your craft (well, and what's left of your sanity) day in and day out. 

In fact, when you work for yourself, especially as an artist, there are so many moments and even seasons when NOTHING seems to be happening. You're not getting any more 'followers', and sales might be bleak. Money isn't coming in and your creativity feels like it's ready to hibernate for the winter.

You feel like you work tirelessly. You might feel like you're at the point where your gasping for air, GASPING for a change - something, ANYTHING that proves you're progressing. 

And then there are moments when you realize, WOW things have changed. And it fuels you to keep going, at least for a little while longer. Lately, those few shifts have been showing themselves, slowly but steadily with something new I've been working on for a while...

This week I released a coaching program to hopefully help people remedy these issues. It's so hard to make your business work, and after a LOT of trying and failing and trying and sometimes succeeding. But honestly, I'm hoping this program will help people generally just feel less alone in this struggle of being an artist. It's freaking hard friends, but it gets easier (harder again) and easier!!!


I really am hoping that I can help make a difference in this way in addition to drawing (and printing and designing and licensing and... and.... and...) (oh... the life of an artist!) 

I'd love to know your thoughts! :) 

Have a BEAUTIFUL day friends,
-Jenipher <3


Just a weird...

You know that moment when it's just HAS to be LOVE at 1st sight?
That's how it felt when I met Waldo.

Our eyes kind of met and he gave me wave - such an excited wave it made my heart flutter. Waterfalls tumbling around us.

His smile often hidden in a place I couldn't see, I visit him once a week just to see if I could catch a glimpse of it.  Secretly, I've been hoping I would feel the same reaction I felt when we first met. And I haven't been disappointed yet. 

I still get the same excited flutters of excitement when I see Waldo, just like that very first day.  And that's how I know...


I'm in love with a stingray.


I volunteer at Clearwater Marine Aquarium once a week and am head over heels for this sting ray! LOL. While taking a writer babes writing class with Deb Cooperman (she's amazing!) this story just poured out of me, and I couldn't WAIT to share it with you. :) :) 

BIG SCARY adventures!!

Friends!! Crazypants things are happening in my little world!

This week has been filled with lots of new project excitement and lots of stressful feelings. Not enough proper rest, and not nearly enough cookies. ๐Ÿ˜Š But as my amazing husband kindly reminded me... โ€œItโ€™s supposed to be fun.โ€ So fun i shall try to have next week!! (And for the rest of today!)

I give you PERMISSION to REST.

Dear friends... I give you PERMISSION to take time for yourself. Even if just for a few moments. Click below to see my weekly video all about this! Yay!

Overcoming Rejection(s).

One of the HARDEST parts of being an artist are all the freaking rejections!! It's just crazypants!!

This year is MY YEAR. It's been decided and HAS to happen.  To keep myself focused and motivated, I signed up for Tiffany Han's class "100 Rejection Letters".

So far it's been an amazing class and a great investment. I've literally  wanted to work with Tiffany since I first "met" her years ago from my friend Michelle Ward.

Even though the class is basically teaching us to treat rejections as celebrations instead of failures, this week's rejections have been HARDCORE. I've gotten rejections from multiple literary agents, and although I'm fully aware that that's common... these ones hurt BAD. I am SUCH a pessimistic person, yet I felt so confident about these agents, that I swear I could feel little chips of my heart  fall to the floor while tears plummeted from my eyes.

When I posted about these rejections online though, my spirits lifted really quickly. I am SO grateful for all of you who support me, lift me up, and give me the encouragement I never felt I heard enough of in my life.

The moral of this story is to JUST keep going. To keep pitching the people you ADORE, and to be grateful for whatever encouraging folks you have in your life that keep you going! 

 Push on dear friends!!!!
-Jenipher <3

Perhaps.. the future of comics?!

There is NOTHING wrong with you!!!!

I just sat down wondering what i wanted to tell you all tonight and this is IT! I feel so giddy because i feel like i mixed my love of #encouraging illustrations AND #comics. How COOL would a mixed media comic be?!?!

Encouraging + Art Therapy! = YAY!

Exciting News!! My uplifting coloring book is READY! 
You can order a copy right HERE!! AHH!

I'd LOVE to see what you color!! Make sure to tag me#NDcolors and/or @JenipherLyn ! 


Have a lovely day friends!


If you've been following me a while, you know a LOVE me a good mocha!! And that I'm notorious for picking a seat when i FIRST go there and then NEEDING to sit there EVERY TIME!! (just like Sheldon Cooper)

So here are FIVE mochas you MUST try at least once while in NYC!!          

Cafe Grumpy - Your mission if you CHOOSE to accept it, is to go to the Chelsea CG, get the middle table in the front, eat an apple turnover, and of COURSE get that mocha!!!

      Sweet Leaf - The LIC SL is my FAV! I love the chai there, the barista's are nice and friendly, and of course, the mocha is great! It takes kind of like cherries! (which works happily for me!)

Coffeed - On (every) Sunday morning, you should go to "LIC Landing" which serves Coffeed coffee, get a mocha, sit by the water, and think about how grateful you are to be sitting by the water drinking a mocha. :) 

                Birch Coffee -  I've only had the pleasure of going to this cafe (always before going to the Ink Pad!) a few times but their mocha is just delicious. Sit at one of the high top wooden tables and dream for a little while before heading to the Ink Pad

             Toby's Estate - Okay, this one is really my FAV, but it's $5 and pretty small,  BUT their mocha is SERIOUSLY top notch - the perfect mix of chocolatey with a punch of espresso. :)


Please drink these for me! I'll be living vicariously through YOU because i miss them all so much! And just the cafes in NYC in general. :( :( 

And don't forget to let me know what you think!!
-Jenipher <3



It's REALLY hard to take time for yourself... but even when there's just a SQUEEK of time, i BEG OF YOU to be nice to yourself... at LEAST for today! ;) 

Have a BEAUTIFULLY gentle day friends!!! <3

Let's be GRATEFUL!

Tonight I wanted to remind you to be GRATEFUL for what you have and where you are. I've tried to have this mentally the last few weeks, and i PROMISE you, it's life changing!! <3

Life can be such a hard, exhausting place. Especially when we spend SO MUCH of our time & energy WISHING we had a different job, or more money, less responsibility, or that we looked different..

But learning to shift our focus onto what we're thankful for, can make life a MUCH happier place to be!


PS: What ONE thing are you thankful for? Comment and i'll give you a virtual HIGH FIVE!

You'll figure it out!!

There are so many unknowns in this life, stresses, changes. And it's hard NOT to get stuck in the whelmed whirlpool. But you'll figure it out! You did before, and in the past, and YOU WILL again!!! <3

Huzzah! Have a splneid day friends!
-Jenipher aka @Jenipherlyn

BOGO print sale! :D

Friends! How has your week been?? 
You look like you could use a little pick me up...
How about an encouraging print to brighten your spirits!

I'm having a BOGO print sale this weekend! Wee! 

Just order whichever print(s) you'd like and let me know in the comments which print you'd like for FREE! Hooray!

Sloths. Sloths. Sloths.

We're so close to the end of the week friends... and I can tell you could REALLY use some cute in your life today, so I'm going to help you out. But beware.. you will SQUEE with JOY!

There there, don't you feel a little better? I sure hope so!!!
Sloths are the best indeed.
<3 <3 

Keep Learning Friends!! <3

This morning I am struggling with all the things I STILL have to learn about my industry and about other industries in order to succeed. Give yourself TIME to learn what you need to know to be the best equipped in whatever you choose to do!!! Learning is AWESOME! And NOT knowing something DOESN'T mean your stupid! This is something I have to remind myself every day.

What have YOU learned today?! Let me know in the comments!