Dreaming BIG and LITTLE Dreams....

I grew up playing cards with my aunt - she taught me a game called "Ace Picks All" when i was just three years old. And we continued to play HOURS of cards until she was in her late 80's... 

After she passed, ALL i wanted to do was make a deck of playing cards.


Unfortunately, card packs just aren't something to make a profit from but i still dream about it from time to time. I just created my second card and I'm hooked.. i think i'll print a single pack just for myself and anyone else that would like a set... 

BUT making this king card inspired me to create a whole set of kid's characters too... and I'm CRAZY excited. I hope that happens soon! 

Do you play cards? Did you grow up playing? I'd love to hear about it!
-Jenipher <3

Pop Up In WEST ELM This Saturday!

Friends! I'm SUPER excited to share that I'll be having a POP UP shop at West Elm Chelsea this Saturday!

Come visit me in NYC on Saturday from 12-4! Weee!

Hope to see you there friends!
-Jenipher aka @Jenipherlyn

Let Things Go. <3

I know i've written about a JJ Heller song before, but GOOD GOLLY how good is this quote??


It's a quote from JJ Heller's song, "Loved". I was babysitting the other night and needed a pick me up, and BOOM it came on. I've listened to it NON-STOP for days on end!

Do YOU need a pick me up today? 
You're welcome! <3 


What do YOU do when you feel stressed?

Lately I've been pretty distracting, and stressed... so to remedy these feelings, i've been making a lot of fruit comics. :)

Which makes me curious... what do YOU do when you feel stressed? 
Tell me in the comments! :D 


"Bones" shines a light on bullying.

Bones is BY FAR one of my favorite shows. The show came to me when i was at my most unstable, had to quit my jobs, and barely could leave my bed. Sometimes there were days where i didn't leave my room or talk to any humans, but my Bones friends were always there to keep me company.  I will love these characters forever. So much, that i think it worries Boy sometimes. :) 

This episode called "The Lost in the Found" deals with depression, bullying, loneliness, and suicide - which was both HEART BREAKING and so APPRECIATED because these subjects NEED to be talked about more often because they are scary and REAL. They handled the episode beautifully and i sincerely hope that it helps people understand how 'simple things' like loneliness and being bullied can truly be enough for someone to end their life. PLUS, instead of the comments below the episode being cruel like usual, it started a conversation about everything from "suffering with suicidal thoughts to being an outsider" which i find so beautiful and hopefully helpful. <3 <3 

I'd love to hear if you watch the episode, OR if you're already a Bones fan. Make sure to say hello in the comments or on Instagram. :) @Jenipherlyn

Let's talk about Success + Blessings! :D

Hi friends! Have you ever done something HUGE and it wasn't all you HOPED and DREAMED for?

smart lady i have the pleasure of knowing once said "Success STARTS with realizing how BLESSED you are!!" And boy oh boy is that true! 

I want to encourage you to FEEL successful based on your blessings. NOT based on how much money you make, where you live, or how many muffins you had today (i had three! eek!). In THIS moment, i want you to count your blessings! Dig deep! Maybe even make a list of all those blessings! I hang mine by my desk to remind me of GREAT things on those hard days. Maybe it can help you too! 

Make sure to show me YOUR blessing list by tagging me! Can't wait to see it!

-Jenipher aka @Jenipherlyn

Sending a little BRAVERY your way! <3

Hi friends!  I'm not sure what you've all been up to, or what's been challenging you lately, but I wanted to send a little encouragement your way!

I know all the things I'm working on currently seem BIG and SCARY & super hard!
Perhaps you feel the same way! A little bravery can go a long way... thus, I wanted to send some BRAVE vibes, and cupcake hugs your way!!

I'd love to hear what brave thing you've done recently! Just reply back in the comments if you'd like to tell me. :)

Have a lovely day friends!

I'm exhibiting at National Stationery Show!!! AHHH!!!

Holy MOLY moly friends! I never 'officially' shared on where what i've been working SO FREAKING hard on these last few months. (although, if you follow me on IG and FB you know already!) This year i am exhibiting at NSS (aka National Stationery Show) this May.

Even though i had an IDEA of how much work this show would be, there are SO MANY details, that often i feel like I'm drowning... SOOOO many! Things i never THOUGHT i needed to even think about. (How many watts are my bulbs? Did i pay for enough outlets and electricity? Where DO you buy vinyl sticker? Put my booth number on my catalog? Buy Stickers? And don't even get my started on the pre-mailers! AHHH) but alas, i'll just keep kicking along and reminding myself that it will be WORTH it! <3 

This FANCY (ahahah) drawing is my potential booth! I sincerely hope you'll come visit me if you're attending NSS or Surtex! I'm booth 2264 and i'd love to say hello! 

While this was ALSO happening, i spent Nov - Feb working on a FULL business plan to try and win a local grant... THAT alone is enough to drive someone MAD, let alone doing it WHILE planning for a trade show. 

So, after months and months of working on my business plan, i found out a couple weeks ago i didn't win the grant. BUT, that night i did see those pretty #rainbow lights at the top of this blog, ate Mexican food, pet a HUGE doggy named Bono and Boy bought me an ice cream cone. So, i'd say i still came out a winner!

Are you working on a CRAZYPANTS hard project right now? How are YOU pushing through it?! I'd love to hear in the comments if you'd like to share! 

Mucho Love, Jenipher


PS: I'll try to post a clearly post on what goes into NSS when i have some time! 


A sad heart, fond memories and a warm meal. <3

My best friend passed away two weeks ago. :( 
My Aunt Kiki was 93, and the best cook ever..

My heart SANK when i realized I never got to write down all her recipes. Then something CRAZYPANTS happened. Two days after she passed my @TimeHop app showed me a blog post i posted SIX YEARS ago! The post was all about visiting my aunt and making her special aioli sauce. I cried I was so happy!! What amazing timing TimeHop!!! I finally had time to prepare her famous pasta dish a few days later along with her signature lemon salad. Boy loved it even though it had olives, and I'm nearly in tears typing all this out. 

This pasta dish is easy, super affordable, and most important, delicious! 

Aunt Kiki's Aioli

Put oil in pot, put heat on medium (this will be a sauce) (this is for less then 1/2lb or a package of macaroni) a little more then a quarter cup of oil. 
Add 5 or 6 cloves of FRESH garlic
Slice them thin, and brown them.
Then add Parsley, a level table spoon. 
1/2 teaspoon basil. 
6 olives cut into small pieces. (quarter pieces) 
1/2 teaspoon granulated garlic. 
Some pine nuts (or you can add walnuts). Add a table spoon. 
Let it simmer on medium. 

Boil macaroni for 10 minutes. 
After 6 minutes take 3/4 cup of the pasta water and add it to the oil. 
Take a little at the time so it doesn't splatter at you. 
Drain macaroni, then put it in dish and poor the sauce over it.


Aunt Kiki Tip!! *Buy (Very White) garlic, put it in a jar, whole with skin on, without cover to keep them good for up to 9 days!*

I'd LOVE to hear if you make it yourself!
Smiles to you dear friend,

Three things to INSPIRE you today! <3

You look like you could use some inspiration today! Maybe one of these will help!

1) Boy and I watched an AMAZING movie yesterday! It was called "Miss Potter" and was about the talented lady behind the "Peter Rabbit" books! Not only did i feel like painting while watching, but it was a great reminder to FIGHT for your purpose, no matter what naysayers say!

1) THIS wonderful (and catchy!) song. :) 
This is BY FAR one of my favorite songs from the musical, Matilda. 

A lastly #3!
 Diana David has entertaining an Ted Talk that will not only captivate you, but inspire you to BE YOU! 

Yay! Hope they inspire YOU as much as they do for me! 

Happy watching! 
-Jenipher <3

PS: Urning for an encouraging print to brighten your room or office? Just click HERE to see the ones above and more!

Doodle Dream news! + Inspiring Podcasts to fill you with HOPE!

Goodness friends! It's been WAY too long! I hope you're having a BRILLIANT New Year thus far! As i'm coming to the end of the rainbow finishing version II of my book, "How Being Stubborn, Depressed, and Unpopular SAVED my Life"... i wanted to share some fun news with you!

I was interviewed during my blog tour by the lovely fellas of Inspiring Awesome Podcast. The podcast has been recirculating on Twitter these past few weeks, and i thought it would be the PERFECT time to share it it with you!

I was also interviewed by the lovely Kelly Galea .  In this podcast, Kelly and I discuss some ways to open communication with the girls around you + to talk about the hard issues in my book! Both interviews are great, + lucky you! You have the CHANCE to hear my mouse-y voice (as i've deemed it!)

My hope is that it some parts of these interviews will give you HOPE that YOU'RE NOT ALONE, as well as help you talk to your children about life's difficulties.

Happy Listening! 
-Jenipher <3

It's OKAY to take a Break.

Hi Friends.. I'm here to remind you today that Every. Little. Bit. COUNTS.

I'm not sure how many of ya'll are business owners, but as I'm entering into year 9 of part or full time business hood, I'm learning that there will be times in your life where your business is THRIVING and you are kicking-A working hard... and there will be times when work will come second and "Life" with come first. And I'll be the first to tell you, it's SUPER hard as a hard working perfectionist to let that happen.

If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen I've been a little "under the weather". There have been quite a few factors to my saddness, but big scary projects/deadlines, boring grown up things, and ... my best friend sllllowwwwlyyyyy dying are a few of them. The last being the hardest, and hurting my heart so deeply.

During these times, I try to remind myself that its MORE than okay it's taking so much time to do things, it's okay i keep flying back and forth to Florida and have to work crazy hours when i get back home, and that even though my to-do list is THREW the ROOF.. that Every. Little. Bit. COUNTS. Everything will get done.. eventually.

Tonight i even let myself take a little work break, binge watch Castle and color a doodle just for FUN.

And gosh, it helped so much. I'm here to give yourself PERMISSION to let yourself take a break, BREATHE and settle in the fact that EVERY. Bit. Counts.

Happy Tuesday Friends,



I give you PERMISSION to take care of yourself.

I'm a gal who overthinks EVERYTHING. Like, ALLLLLL the time.. so it's hard for me on days when i just can't think. Or process. And just feel like poo... This week has been super hard, but today was just, very difficult..

Today was a day where I literally am not fully a human... And although painting is something i am CONSTANTLY struggle to do, it's amazing that ALL i wanted to do was just to finger paint a canvas. I'm feeling super grateful for Tiffany Han's podcast with Flora Bowley that helped me listen to my gut and just to bravely PAINT without worrying about the outcome. Self care is SO important friends. Make sure you're listening to yourself and allowing yourself some time to rest. {However the way "rest" looks for YOU.}

I'm giving you FULL permission to take care of yourself today, tomorrow and EVERYDAY. <3
Love, Jenipher

The BEST New Year's song... ever.

I've enjoyed JJ Heller's music for many years now, but after listening to this New Year's song... [along with literally a million others] I've listened to it just about everyday (at LEAST once!), and it's SOOTHED me so.

Multiple times this year so far... while visiting family, and while planning my business for this new year, I've put this song on when I'm gasping from anxiety. It's calmed me so many times in just the short time I've been listening to it, and has made me love JJ and her husband even MORE then I already did!

My hope is that it calms YOU during these times [and just in general] too! 
Happy New Year friends! 
-Jenipher <3

2015 - the YEAR of CONFIDENCE!

Happy New Year friends!!!! 
It's crazypants even typing that! 

I know that 'picking a word' is a big deal around the parts of the internets i hang out in.. and for the last few days i've been trying to rack my brain about what word i would use to encompass what i feel 2015 will bring for me... 

At first i thought 'risk'... 'or ease'... but honestly, the thing i suffer the MOST with is confidence. And since i'm going to try and go BEYOND anything i've ever tried in my business - new marketing techniques -National Stationery Show - etc... i thought CONFIDENCE might help me way more then any risk or ease. There's already a TON of risk waiting for me with NSS lol, and i truly believe the ease is already building for me in the future, all i need is a little 'YOU GOT THIS" and i should be good to go, right?! I sure hope so!! :)

Do YOU have a word for 2015? I'd love to hear what your word is. Or, WHY you don't have one! :D 

Now... time to drink some Shirley Temples!
Yay! -Jenipher

30 (INSPIRING) Days of Doodles - Yay!!

The holidays can be a stressful time of year, but not for you! :D

Now you can sign up for "30 Days of Doodles" - a new motivational doodle (like the one above) pops into your inbox every morning to fill you FULL or gratitude, happiness and strength.

These doodles help you relieve anxiety, stress and worry. You can save these images to use as a phone wall paper so a smile is guaranteed each time you use your phone.  Yay!

Click the pink button to sign up now and get $10 off! 
Regular price - $30 

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Have a beautiful day!!


How to NOT go INSANE sending Holiday cards!

It's that time of year where you're "supposed" to share joy and good wishes with the ones you love
[and the ones you don't necessarily love] ;)

This year instead of just sending to ANY AND ALL family... I'm sending to people who have helped me this year and/or  people I feel could use some love and encouragement.

The hardest part is taking the TIME to write the cards. I like to [like with everything else] take them to a cafe and plow through them, or write them while watching something enjoyable. That's just me though! You might like to write them in peace and quiet with a cup of tea or coffee. 

My TOP tips for getting those greeting cards written: 

* Choose a stationery you LOVE.

* Pick out your favorite pens.

* Pick a quiet, cozy place to write them.

* Write a list of people you want to reach out to BEFORE you start.

* Start with the ones that are easiest to write.

* Write the rest of them another day. :)

* Pop a pretty stamp on them, and BOOM, you're done!!

Sarah Schwarz from Stationery Trends Magazine has a GREAT letter writing campaign. You can listen to her interview with Monica Lee here to verbally hear more about it. :)

Good luck writing friends!! <3

The holidays are STRESSFUL... please breathe. <3

Dear Friends,

It's SO hard NOT to compare yourself during this time of year. Especially on the internet when it seems like everyone is happier, more successful, doing funner things and getting more sales. But I encourage you to STOP comparing yourself to OTHERS. You're on your own amazing journey and I'm grateful for you, RIGHT where you are!!! <3


Reason #2374834 why NY is just the best.

The Coolest part of living in  NYC is that there is SUCH an abyss of cool random things happening at all times. This doens't mean you'll be INTERSTED in all of these 'cool findings' but sometimes there's a gem in the rough that even if you have not a clue EXACTLY what it is, you pay and go anyway! ;) 

Last night was one of these things. Boy sent me an email last Friday saying 'it sounds kind of fashion-y, but i think you'd like this.' The deception of the event said - 

"Heidi Julavits (The Believer) and Leanne Shapton (Swimming Studies) introduce readings of stories that explore how women present themselves and what style means in celebration of their new anthology of conversations, surveys, and drawings collected from 639 women - artists, actors, musicians, authors, and perfect strangers - from around the world. Performers include Molly Ringwald, Zosia Mamet (Girls), Sonia Manzano (Sesame Street; Love, Loss, and What I Wore), Justin Vivian Bond, and Jennifer Lim (Chinglish)."

The Coolest part of living in  NYC is that there is SUCH an abyss of cool random things happening at all times. This doesn't mean you'll be INTERESTED in all of these 'cool findings' but sometimes there's a gem in the rough that even if you have not a clue EXACTLY what it is, you pay and go anyway! ;)

I saw Molly's Ringwald's name and thought "Sold!" I couldn't have survived my teen-hood without Molly. My friend Margot came along, and even as we sat there during the introduction and STILL didn't know exactly what this event was, we both had a good time. :)

A handful of lovely folks read [verbally acted out?] women's short stories from "Women In Clothes" Some stories made you crack up, and some stories still haunt me today.. all based around the relationship we have with clothes, why we choose to wear what we do, and how we feel when we wear clothes.. or don't wear clothes.  

It was quite interesting, and it reminds me that sometimes fun things will just find YOU, and you gotta just jump in and hopefully you'll enjoy it! ;)

Encouragement Monday #5

Ahhh Monday again so soon! Crazypants!
I hope it's a lovely one for you!
I'll be trying to listen to this doodle too! ;)