Overcoming Rejection(s).

One of the HARDEST parts of being an artist are all the freaking rejections!! It's just crazypants!!

This year is MY YEAR. It's been decided and HAS to happen.  To keep myself focused and motivated, I signed up for Tiffany Han's class "100 Rejection Letters".

So far it's been an amazing class and a great investment. I've literally  wanted to work with Tiffany since I first "met" her years ago from my friend Michelle Ward.

Even though the class is basically teaching us to treat rejections as celebrations instead of failures, this week's rejections have been HARDCORE. I've gotten rejections from multiple literary agents, and although I'm fully aware that that's common... these ones hurt BAD. I am SUCH a pessimistic person, yet I felt so confident about these agents, that I swear I could feel little chips of my heart  fall to the floor while tears plummeted from my eyes.

When I posted about these rejections online though, my spirits lifted really quickly. I am SO grateful for all of you who support me, lift me up, and give me the encouragement I never felt I heard enough of in my life.

The moral of this story is to JUST keep going. To keep pitching the people you ADORE, and to be grateful for whatever encouraging folks you have in your life that keep you going! 

 Push on dear friends!!!!
-Jenipher <3