Waiting for Progression.

In a day and age where instant gratification is not only possible, but the norm, it's totally justified that we're all getting impatient because progression isn't instant. It's takes a crap load of work and determination to make real progress in just about anything.

Working for yourself is no exception. When you work for yourself there's no one telling you "Good Job". There are no pay raises or high fives in the office to reaffirm you that you're improving. It's just you and your craft (well, and what's left of your sanity) day in and day out. 

In fact, when you work for yourself, especially as an artist, there are so many moments and even seasons when NOTHING seems to be happening. You're not getting any more 'followers', and sales might be bleak. Money isn't coming in and your creativity feels like it's ready to hibernate for the winter.

You feel like you work tirelessly. You might feel like you're at the point where your gasping for air, GASPING for a change - something, ANYTHING that proves you're progressing. 

And then there are moments when you realize, WOW things have changed. And it fuels you to keep going, at least for a little while longer. Lately, those few shifts have been showing themselves, slowly but steadily with something new I've been working on for a while...

This week I released a coaching program to hopefully help people remedy these issues. It's so hard to make your business work, and after a LOT of trying and failing and trying and sometimes succeeding. But honestly, I'm hoping this program will help people generally just feel less alone in this struggle of being an artist. It's freaking hard friends, but it gets easier (harder again) and easier!!!


I really am hoping that I can help make a difference in this way in addition to drawing (and printing and designing and licensing and... and.... and...) (oh... the life of an artist!) 

I'd love to know your thoughts! :) 

Have a BEAUTIFUL day friends,
-Jenipher <3