If you've been following me a while, you know a LOVE me a good mocha!! And that I'm notorious for picking a seat when i FIRST go there and then NEEDING to sit there EVERY TIME!! (just like Sheldon Cooper)

So here are FIVE mochas you MUST try at least once while in NYC!!          

Cafe Grumpy - Your mission if you CHOOSE to accept it, is to go to the Chelsea CG, get the middle table in the front, eat an apple turnover, and of COURSE get that mocha!!!

      Sweet Leaf - The LIC SL is my FAV! I love the chai there, the barista's are nice and friendly, and of course, the mocha is great! It takes kind of like cherries! (which works happily for me!)

Coffeed - On (every) Sunday morning, you should go to "LIC Landing" which serves Coffeed coffee, get a mocha, sit by the water, and think about how grateful you are to be sitting by the water drinking a mocha. :) 

                Birch Coffee -  I've only had the pleasure of going to this cafe (always before going to the Ink Pad!) a few times but their mocha is just delicious. Sit at one of the high top wooden tables and dream for a little while before heading to the Ink Pad

             Toby's Estate - Okay, this one is really my FAV, but it's $5 and pretty small,  BUT their mocha is SERIOUSLY top notch - the perfect mix of chocolatey with a punch of espresso. :)


Please drink these for me! I'll be living vicariously through YOU because i miss them all so much! And just the cafes in NYC in general. :( :( 

And don't forget to let me know what you think!!
-Jenipher <3