Just ONE person caring makes other people care. <3


My son and I have had the flu for almost a week now, and on Saturday while picking up Ollie's flu meds, I noticed a hurt squirrel 🐿 in parking spot next to mine. A women nearly swerved into that spot after I got out of the car, so I starting moving my arms like a crazy person making sure she didn't park there.


She thanked me out of the window and then ran to help me. Together we took turns running into Walgreens to ask for bags, napkins, a box (they had no tape). Although this little πŸΏ lady had a broken back leg, she ran, jumped, and flew around like a super star getting away from us. It was insanely difficult to get her safely in the box we were trying to rescue her with.

Another man in a spot near by yelled out that his daughter brought a squirrel to a rescue and he'll get us the phone number. Another older gentleman parked and gave us a towel and brought out gloves. πŸ§€ He helped the women (Susan) get the squirrel safely in the πŸ“¦.

I am so grateful for the humanity of others. Susan brought the little baby to the rescue house and later called me to thank me for caring, saying that β€œjust one person caring makes other people care". Even though my baby was home sick, even though I was getting sicker by the minute, hours later, my πŸ’— still WARMED that FOUR people worked so hard to save a little squirrel.
πŸ“Έ by Alyssa Aviles-Hopkins during our#engagement shoot, 6 years ago. πŸ’—