Just a weird...

You know that moment when it's just HAS to be LOVE at 1st sight?
That's how it felt when I met Waldo.

Our eyes kind of met and he gave me wave - such an excited wave it made my heart flutter. Waterfalls tumbling around us.

His smile often hidden in a place I couldn't see, I visit him once a week just to see if I could catch a glimpse of it.  Secretly, I've been hoping I would feel the same reaction I felt when we first met. And I haven't been disappointed yet. 

I still get the same excited flutters of excitement when I see Waldo, just like that very first day.  And that's how I know...


I'm in love with a stingray.


I volunteer at Clearwater Marine Aquarium once a week and am head over heels for this sting ray! LOL. While taking a writer babes writing class with Deb Cooperman (she's amazing!) this story just poured out of me, and I couldn't WAIT to share it with you. :) :)