Foodie Friday: Tisserie

Boy and I found Tisserie during a rainstorm one afternoon after going to the MOMA. He ordered us a mocha and i sat down to draw ballerinas. I think they accidentally forgot the espresso... but it the most DELICIOUS hot chocolate i've had in New York.

I went back for another hot chocolate by myself one morning a few weeks later, & was SO intrigued by the barista's recommendation of this coconut croissant, i splurged/went out of my comfort zone and got this treat instead! 

It was FREAKING amazing!!! Like a rich, flakey macaroon. Mmm... i want another one! I seriously recommend Tisserie: it's cozy, with a decent amount of seats, and usually the service is pretty good. Plus they have a lot of yummy looking treat, drink and food choices!

^^ Seriously, how yummy does this look!^^