Welcome to the life of book planning!

This week was INSANE. I've never worked SOOO HARD, and SO diligently on ONE project CONTINUOUSLY, like, ever! And even though there were QUITE a few tears, wanting to give up and unseen problems while editing... i can FINALLY say that this book is going to be even MORE AWESOME then i originally thought!! 
There's THREE new pages, and 6 NEW lovely girls added to the book now!!! 
I just have to finish editing two more pages and the book will be 100% completely done [at least unless Caitie finds one or two more spelling mistakes lol] And once i get those edits back from her the book will REALLY be ready to print and sent off to the printer! [i think i finally picked which one i want to go with!] 
Thank you ALL for your patience!! I appreciate it! Now that the book is done, i'm going to start sending off the rewards for $25 and less next week and the week after next!