This Nightly Doodle land...

Lately I've been drawings and drawing and drawing! Which for me, means LOTS of time at cafes and silly conversations with boy and friends. :)

I just finished the FIRST page of my book a few days ago, which i LOVE LOVE LOVE!! I'll post the page tomorrow or the next day, and i'd LOVE to know your feedback! 

Lately I've been contemplating making cute handmade watercolor earrings to go with my wedding dress... But I'm not sure if i should wear something a little more detailed instead....

It's crazy to think that my wedding is less than 60 days away!! 

On Wednesday i leave for Florida for my bridal shower... considering i've never been to a bridal shower, i'm not really sure what to expect, but i'm sure it will be fun. :)

I hope you're all having a GLORIOUS start to your week!
smiles to you,