Goodbye MATS1, Hello direction!

I can't believe how quickly 5 weeks have gone past! And that the Make Art That Sells course is over! Crazypants! 

Right now i'm trying to discern what i've learned and how my work has transitioned. This is my last piece i made for class, and honestly i really do like it! I think i would totally buy this if it were real! 

That's a good start right? :)

After stressing this morning that i didn't grow 'enough' in my MATS1 class, i feel SO MUCH better when all my work is laying next to each other like this.

I may not have GROWN that much via my style, but this class has been so challenging and i'm SUPER PROUD of myself to completing all the assignments even when i didn't want to. 

The last image was inspired by this class. I took my painting from week four and added it to the back of my new baby card. I love it. :) I never thought of doing that before!

Hooray for class! :D 
Till next time friends,
-Jenipher :)