A Year In Pictures...Part II

So..i know i am slightly behind on the [2009 picture memory] band wagon, but i still wanted to share my "highlights" of 2009. I'm weary of posting some of the impactful moments though... [so while i type this I'm debating which to put up here]

Well...i'm having issues with pictures not looking good if some are horizontal and some are vertical, so i present you with my life in horizontal pictures.

*My 25th Birthday * Decorating my Room * 80's Party with new "Cell" friends * Visiting Brian in California * Climbing a mountain * Getting Accepted to RENEGADE! * Trying new sushi's * Cutting my toe open * Being on crutches for 3 months * Not walking for almost five months * Art Group * Trying new crafts * Meeting Brian, Amanda and Alex * Counting Crows concert * Celebrating my 1/2 birthday * Trying coffee for the first time * Reconnecting with my old church [Wesley] * Atomic Bazaar * Volunteering at a local radio station * New Years eve with new friends. :)