A Year In Pictures...

So..i know i am slightly behind on the [2009 picture memory] band wagon, but i still wanted to share my "highlights" of 2009. I'm weary of posting some of the impactful moments though... [so while i type this I'm debating which to put up here]

Well...i'm having issues with pictures not looking good if some are horizontal and some are vertical, so i present you with my life in vertical pictures.

*Taking a metal smith class * Getting Engaged. [and un-engaged] * Doing art at my new clerical job * Getting into Renegade and meeting a favorite artist, Andrea * My "Jen" ring * Cutting open my toe in 4 places * Meeting my idol Mary Englebriet * Many MANY trips to the clinic * Lots of laughter with Alex, Brian and Amanda * Cooking again * Wearing shoes again [after 5 months] * Trunk show in Ocala * Cooking with Armond and Brian * Shrinky dinks with Alex * Trying new foods * Making sugar cookies for the first time * Drinking alcohol for the 1st time. *