A Little Bit of Every Nothing.

So...nothing OVERLY exciting to write about. There have been a few blog worthy events, but because i waited so long to dispurse the information, they don't seem as exciting. Oh well! Events that happened this week....

*I bought the most beautiful table. I bought it from a store in College Park called "The Gathering" which is the most amazing store! It's a mix of antique and new-antique everything. From funiture to linens to pottery, it's just splendid. I didn't relize the women i was speaking to there was the owener and we were chatting for a while. I mentioned i made jewelry, she loved the necklace i was wearing, and now she want's to put my jewelry in her shop! I'm really stoked, but don't like to count chickens, so be happier once i can go there and see my jewelry in the window. :)

My New AntiqueTable.

How do you properly photograph a table?? Hmm.....

On the way to "The Gathering" of course i had to stop by Infusion Tea again and recreate the serene essence i had last time i went there. I think it was quite successful. They have the BEST honey there too!

Oh Honey! You'll LOVE this tea!

THE best cookie!

*I finally met with a web designer, so hopefully my website will be up and running soon. I know i will at least have a home page by July 2nd. My jewlery will be in a Fashion Show at Tatame, (By Winter Park Ave) on July 2nd. So, that's quite exciting! Come out and see! there are seven designers and two or three jewelry designers, myself inluded. :)

Off to the gallery i go. Have a stellar weekend!!