An eventful work day.

'ello from the studio!

I relize noone reads this--yet--but i do hope that one day i have an audience. Perhaps who would like to see the arcives. So, here i trek on, to tell you a little about what's going on in Cherry Runway world.

Cherry Runway is going to be in a fashion show! On July 2nd in a local tea house in Orlando. We've been working like mad trying to get situated for that. I had a very talented gal make me some stellar t-shirts and i'm making the accessories to match. Here is our progress....

We both LOVE tie-dye, so we thought that would be a perfect start for our designs. After that some embelishment was added. And ta-da! Totally awesome T-shirts in our abyss.


Aside from the fashion show, my other jewelry line, Jenipher Lyn was accepted into another store. One called "The Gathering" in College Park. Boy am i stoked! The lovley owner is looking forward to my charm bracelets and earrings i'm making for her. She was very specific so i'm trying to make things she will like. Here is the turn out. :)

lovebraceletfaithbracelet2artcharmdream breacelet

There is still a TON more work to do, so look forward to seeing more progression with both the Fashion Show and the charm bracelets. I hope your having a stellar day!!