Happiness = a COLORFUL week.

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you know that this past month was a pretty hard time for me. BUT, this past week I felt a GIANT weight was lifted off me, and things were falling into place! :)

Last week was TREMENDOUS! I decided last week something i've been debating for YEARS... 

I'm going to take part in National Stationary Show 2015!!! Eeek!! And the funny part was that during the last few hard weeks when i was ignoring my actual work, [making a new logo, buying new colored envelopes] i was actually doing things to prep for NSS and i didn't even know it! Crazypants!

Other then that BIG decision, i spent extra time doing things that truly MATTER last week.. instead of just working all the time!! Boy had off from work for the Jewish holiday [and we had Cheesecake to celebrate!!] and there were lots of picnics and parks involved. All and all it was a SUPER great week! AND! I had SO MANY incredible posters last week for the #DoodleDream blog party!! Holy COW. It's such an honor. It really is!! 


I hope you're having a GRATEFUL week friends.