Apple Cake and Cute Doggies!

A bunch of our friends went apple picking a couple weekends ago. Boyfriend and i couldn't go because we were still apartment hunting. :(  BUT.. 

we got to help make LOTS of apple related cakes and sauces after everyone got back. :)

 If my memory serves me correctly two of our friends had picked over 40 apples. She decided to make her family's apple cake, sauce and pie.

Her puppy Mia was a VERY big help, as you can see here. :)

Right after the apple cake came out of the oven [and cooled for....5 minutes? lol] we pretty much devoured it. Good thing there was a backup... ANOTHER CAKE! [and pie...and sauce!]

After we cooked and cooked for  h o u r s, used over 30 apples, and had a house full of friends of laughter...we still had 14 apples left!

Twas great fun though.
Have you cooked anything fun lately?