I am SO very impressed!

 I am SO very
impressed with this necklace! I listed it last week randomly and sold one within a couple days.

I re-listed PURELY for 
'kicks and giggles' 
the next morning not expecting anything at all.

Then, I sold ANOTHER ONE within an hour of my re-list! 
Isn't that Amazing! 

I re-listed it again today JUST to see what will happen and i've had no takers... YET! Both folks who purchased this necklace already had a really good story why they were thankful they found this to GIFT to someone. I LOVE when that happens!!

But i am really stoked about the traffic my shop has had lately. 
I've been working REALLY hard to make it better!

Have you been to my shops lately?
Can you TELL what i've been working on?

Let me know if you can!
smiles and Thanks,