The month of Romance.. much as i would love for ALL of you in internet land to purchase lovely Valentines Day gifts for everyone you know, i do have to admit, that i'm not a hugh fan of the holiday. It's cliche, and over stated, but i am a firm believer is loving someone [and showing you do] everyday of the year...

...BUT if this holiday really allows people who would not have showed their affection before to really show someone how much they love them, then by all means.... :D THIS holiday is for YOU!

Alas...some Valentines Goodies for you to purchase for someone you love!

Long Hearted Tiger.

BIG Heart.

Charming Love

Choose Your Own Valentine
or $32.00

Long Hearted Zebra

There are quite a few more lovely choices on my website, and of course i would LOVE to custom make anything your little heart desires. :D

Thanks for reading! Happy FEBRUARY!

<3 Jenipher