Sweet Somethings..

I had a tooth pulled yesterday and the medicare they gave me for my sedation made me very ill. Alas, It's so easy to feel extreme joy after such a horrible previous day.

Unseen Beauty.

Joy number one: [from my co-worker]

"You're like who we all go to when we need cheering up around here. I was so happy you worked with me the other day, you really cheered me up."

Joy number two: [Katie from Etoile Boutique]:

"Bring in whatever jewelry you like. All of it is amazing and everyone loves it, so you can just bring in anything."

Highlight of my day:

My room mate and his girlfriend just broke up, so he joined Okcupid too. And today he sent me a girls page to see what i thought of her. I thought it was nice he wanted my opinion. :)


I leave in 8 DAYS!!!
Yay! Life is grand. Now..off to Kung Fu i go.. :)

Have a stellar day ya'll!