Don't just be Thankful. Photograph it!

I was reading some very fabulous interviews from a book about journals while at Borders the other night and a lovely gal named Christine wrote about what she was thankful for every week. I found it amazing she found a creative outlet to share that. Riley and I make sure to ask "what were you thankful for today" to each other every day, so now i wanted to share some of the things i was thankful for this week.

If you don't know me personally, then you wouldn't know that food is really the way to my heart. Thus, this weeks images of what i was thankful for. (Obviously there are many other things i was thankful for, but these are the only images i have to show. :)

I Heart Picnics.

Riley and I went on a picnic the other day. It was a gorgeous day out. We napped, played cards, read to each other, and most importantly ;) ate these amazing sandwiches he made me. He calls them his Saturday morning sandwich's and i really fancy them.

I Heart Pizza.

Frozen Pizza. Comfort food and horrid weakness. I had a lot of meetings this day so i splurged on this delicious pizza since i knew i couldn't pick around in the kitchen all day like i can when I'm at home working. I've been eating these pizzas since i was kid and they always hit the spot.

I Heart Chocolate Drinks.

We try to eat very healthy most of the time, and we also try to budget everything quite tightly, so when i got a coupon for a free drink at Borders, i knew it was time to "splurge" (on the calories anyways). This drink is really bad for you but ohhh soooo goood!! I really am quite impressed with how delicious all of Borders drinks are. Kudos to them!

Other then that I'm thankful for...

* time to work on Cherry Runway
* hanging out with/talking to friends again
* Riley's constant support
* our engagement party tomorrow!!
* seeing his family tonight and mine tomorrow
* bananas (see note below)

(this seems silly i know, but we aren't spending any money right now and we saved our last banana for the Saturday sandwiches. The best way to really appreciate a fruit is by not being able to eat them for a while)

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! See you on the flip side. :)