Crazy Weeks and Photograph Saturdays

I work at a brilliant store called Antropologie in the Visual Sales department. Which, in a sense, is just a fancy title to mean i help create all of the stellar displays at our shoppe. [And boyyyy are there ALOT of displays!].


During my 1st week, i helped make this tent from pipes, flange, fabric, and twine. I wrapped all the polls with twine for at least 5 hours before we decided to cover part of it up with canvas. It was my 1st project i ever had with Visual and the most joyous week at Antro. I'm so blessed to be part of VS. :)


Every morning, I water these (and a couple dozen more) Hydrangas. And boy do they need watering. NOTE: If you have or like Hydrangeas; make sure to drench the roots of the flowers, if your flowers are on a delicate surface, remove them, because you should also use a spray bottle and spray the leaves and flowers as well. This will help keep the blooms intact. When you cut the flowers out of the root, you have about 10 hours before they will die, even if they are in water the whole time.

This week we were preparing for a HUGH move in my particular store and had people come in from other stores to help us. I'm new to this gig, so while everyone else was split up to completely redecorate the rooms i did the tedious little details. Written down, it looks like i did NOTHING, but honestly, it was a still a long day of work. Wednesday was BY FAR my favorite though. [Serious!] :)

Monday: Moved funiture and started to paint shelves and moldings green.

Tuesday: Painted shelves and moldings green [8 hours]

Wednesday: Twisted twine around our hardware fixtures. [Basically, we have there fixtures shaped like cylinders where each level spins around so you can look at all of the hardware. I wrapped about 11 rotations of twine around each shelf] [8 hours]

Thursday: Twisty Fabric. [Okay, this day suckkked...i took fabric and cut it in strips. Tied one size around a door handle and stuck the other strand inside a drill without a bit, then turned the drill on and TA DA! Twisty Fabric. The fabric kept coming undone from the handle or falling out of the drill when i turned it on. The fabric shrinks from being twisted and sometimes breaks. Man it was frustrating.] [8 hours and barely any success]

Friday: Cut Leaves. [We painted thin paper bright blue, folding the paper in 1/2 foot strips so you have about the same on each side. Then cut vines on the folded side, so when you unfolded the paper, you magically have a vine with leaves on each side. We're still not finished with this project yet] [8 hours]

It was a really really great week!! Everyone was so brilliant and i learned so many amazing techniques. I'm very thankful i got to help with the process.


Last week, for two or three days i made 30 camels from scratch. I used a wire to make a armature, filled that with paper and tape and then covered them with clay.

I love my job. :)