You'll WANT To Move To Kansas!

Jared from Jared In Kansas is a brilliant photography. His photographs are breath taking, each one even better then the next. I can honestly say I've never considered going to Kansas, but after viewing his stunning images, i might want to visit there one day. Anyone from a travel agency need a great nature photographer? Go to Jared's Etsy account!


1) How long have you been crafting?

My mom introduced me to photography when I was eight. I've been shooting off and on since then. It started just with me taking my camera on family vacations. I fell in love with national parks and photography all at the same time.


2) Did you always craft in this genre?

The main change that I've undergone recently is that I finally delved into digital photography about two years ago. Before that, I had only shot with film. Digital photography opens up a lot of doors, and it makes it possible to experiment wildly without worrying about the costs involved.



3) Who or what inspires you?

I'm constantly inspired by the beauty of the natural world. Over time, I am learning to appreciate the subtle beauty caused by the interaction of people with the natural world. I'm looking to explore that in more depth.


4) What challenges have you found while taking your craft into the business world?

Very few. I've been very fortunate to have found such a wonderful place to share my work with others. It continues to humble me that others want to have my photographs on their walls


So take a minute, and head to Jared's Etsy account to view more of his images. You won't be disappointed!