I love you like i love.....Uccello Curioso

Andrea from Uccello
and I have just been chatting. I originally messaged her when i found this adorable Avocado card. My co-worker always stated that avocado's were her favorite, and thought it was so neat someone else thought so too. :)


How long have you been crafting?

1) I have been making things with my hands for ages, but the earliest memory I have of making greeting cards is in high school. Each one of my close friends and I were heading off to a different college, so at graduation I made a custom collage greeting card for each girl. I must have gotten hooked, because I have been making greeting cards ever since then.


Did you always craft in this genre?

2) Well, cardmaking has been the only craft genre where I have actually gone into selling what I create. Most of my cards are made on my trusty gocco, some even with some watercolor detailing.
I love exploring other forms of artwork and crafts, though, and have dabbled in ceramics(so therapeutic, but I find that 3D is much more challenging for me!). I also absolutely love printmaking--especially etching. Although that's stepping more into the realm of fine art, I just love the whole process of getting your hands dirty, and all the specific steps that go in to creating a finished print.


Who or what inspires you?

3) Oftentimes, I am very inspired by the everyday, sometimes even by things that others would call the mundane: restaurant tabletops, little creatures, edible things. I also pay a great deal of attention to food, as well as the change of the seasons, and the urban environment around me.

What challenges have you found while taking your craft into the business world?

4) I think my biggest personal challenge is balancing my 'real-life' job and my crafting. It is really easy for me to just get sucked in to the daily grind, and continuously push off the crafting for when I'll have 'more' time! Also, because I am not currently able to commit as much time and energy as I'd like to the card-making, it has been difficult to regularly add products to my etsy shop and properly build my brand. Oh, but when I am able to sit down and just put my ideas down and create, I completely lose myself in it!


Andrea also makes custom greeting cards, like these wonderful bridal shower cards (see above). She's also very nice, and would love to hear from you! :)