A little about me (and business as always). :)

I found a really awesome blog by a girl named Elsie Flannigan who had a challenge to make a list of 24 things i wanted to accomplish before my 24th birthday. I didn't win the challenge, but i really enjoyed making the list.

1) Enjoy everyday.
2) Learn to cook.
3) Stop criticizing myself.
4) Play a set at a coffee house with all my own songs.
5) Sell my jewelry to someone important.
6) Grow my business.
7) Find out what I'm supposed to do in life.
8) Roller blade more often.
9) Take more pictures.
10) Stop hibernating.
11) Clean my house completely.
12) Paint my room.
13) Organize my studio.
14) Decide where I'm supposed to be.
15) Be myself.
16) LAUGH more often.
17) Cook for my family.
18) Ask my relatives about their lives.
19) Listen to my mother and father.
20) Read more books.
21) Be spontaneous.
22) Go on a road trip.
23) Try to stop over analyzing everything.
24) Say Thank You more.

I'm making a new ad to send to people once my website is completed. I really like it so far and have gotton a good responce. Let me know what you think!