Let's be WASTE FREE YO! 

These past few years I’ve been trying to do my absolute BEST to save as much waste as I can! (I even recorded a podcast episode about it!) These are all the things I've purchased so far to help me help the planet. :)

These are all affiliate links with Amazon, which means if you purchase any of them, I might get a commission. So if you were interested, I super appreciate you using the link! :)  


My beloved stainless steel straw, how I love thee!!!!

This set is my FAVORITE!!! It includes chop sticks which I’ve wanted to find a nice small set for so long that aren’t plastic. PLUS if you can fit a reusable straw in there too!

These mesh bags are STELLAR. I use them for all my produce, oats, even chocolate chips today.

I also just got these! So when you buy bread, chia seeds, some smaller beans, they'll be easier (and fresher) to use than the mesh bags. 

So, boy and I have sensitive teeth and these have actually been great. It's a little weird using wood at first, but otherwise, they're just as good as regular tooth brushes with FAR less harm to our planet. :)

So far this is the BEST reuseable container I’ve found. You can throw it in your bag and it doesn’t leak. Ever! It’s amazing.

I know it’s silly and embarrasses my husband sometimes I’m sure, but I try to bring my own “tupperware” to restaurants whenever I KNOW there will be leftovers. These ones are a few of my favorites. :)

I like these better than the silicone ones, you can throw them in the dishwasher too!!

I want this one so badly, but now that I’m a Mom, I’m not sure how practical it will be.