From May 5th to the end of June in 2014, i through a BOOK LAUNCH blog PARTY! Over 40 people contributed to spread the word AND share an encouraging doodle or message!! It was super exciting!!! The blog tour was 6 weeks long; each week topic being a chapter of the book. :)



Week 1: Unpopularity (May 5th - 



Margot Miller



Zoe Ingram

Jennifer Orkin Lewis

Ashley (Instagram)

Gabriella Volpe

Sarah B.

Kerry B

Confetti Monster


Week 2: Being Yourself (May 12th - 


Kelly Barton

Mikael Short

Sarah B.

Julia Alter Canvin 

Joanna Moore

Jill Howarth


Rachel Olson

Beth Morey

Jen (Hiccupart) 

Me : ) 


Angelique Mroczka

Jennifer Johannson


Jen (Dream Quest)

Me :)

Rebekah Ginda

Lori Weitzel 


Thekla Ricter

Lauren Minco

Sara Franklin

Kaitlin Goodey

Kathy / Crafty Chica 

Michelle (myzoetrope) 

Kathy Weller

Kim Moulder

Sarah Morgan

Deb Cooperman

Claudine Hellmuth (GIVEAWAY! yay!)

Mara Glazel

Lizzie McKay

Erika Ward

Sarah Morgan

Ashlee Thurlow


Emily McDowell

Amanda McGee

Sami aka Poor and Pretty

Nina Seven

Jessica Swift

Kim Moulder

Michelle Ward

Brandy Walker

Olivia Lin

Beth Lampe

Christen Stang

Julissa Mora

Victoria Weiss 

Katie Pitsis