Books, Films and Websites that will SURELY inspire!  

This is a list compiled by myself, and my helpful friends. Please make 
sure it’s appropriate for you [or your child’s] age bracket. :)

* “Indie Kindred” a film by Jen Lee                                                                   * dsfdfsdfsd
* “Pippi Longstockings” - i love this movie!                                                 * skfjskdjfhksjdfs
* “When Nothing Matters Anymore” by Bev Cobain                                  * sdfsdfdsfds
* “Page by Paige” by Laura Lee Gulledge
* “Hyperbowl and a Half” by Allie Brosh
* “How to be Alone” a film by Andrea Dorfman

Great websites!

Specific for Eating Disorder:

* Geneen Roth
* “Living Without Ed” by Jenni Schaefer
* Please let me know if you’d like the 
  name of my nutirtionist in Florida