Howdy Y'all!!

My name is Jenipher, and I'm an artist, author & podcast host. (from Dunedin, Florida.)

After spending numerous years being a depressed, lonely girl while getting bullied into believing I'm not good enough I started my journey encouraging others through a doodle a day. Since this first doodle came out of me in 2010, I've made it my mission to help others using artwork and honesty. (which is how my podcast, "Rainy Day Diaries" and my book "How Being Stubborn, Depressed, & Unpopular SAVED My Life" came to be.)

A topic I love talking about is how being creative really helped me deal with not only my own anxiety demons, but helped me help others dealing with the same issues.

I have an empowering book published by Penguin Random House called "Find Your Rainbow" coming out in December and it would be such an honor to discuss not only how creativity helped with my anxiety and depression, but how it totally manifested into other opportunities to help others as well.

I super appreciate your time and consideration!
Have a beautiful day!

-Jenipher Lyn

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