Operation: HOUSEWORK.

Agent Jenipher reporting for duty.
First task... dishes.
Alternate task: writing this blog.

After a long, semi-miserable Tuesday last week I spontaneous (and guiltily) purchased a Baby K'tan so I can conduct some mean baby wearing magic. An amazing client of mine gifted me four carriers but this little nugget is only 6lbs and none of the carrier could accomidate him. 

NOTE: Most carriers need the kiddo to be 8lbs.


I took to the internet (aka: I asked the two mom fb groups I'm in) and the comments poured in, mostly about how I purchased the incorrect size. Boo. I am a small lady, and purchased an XS which barely fit my husband. I couldn't IMAGINE spending $50 on something that he couldn't wear too, and surely an XXS would NOT fit him.

Readers.. I don't know if you believe in God, the Universe, whatever, but a blessing of a PM came through while the fb comments were still pouring. In "walks" Abigail. My new friend Abigail told me she met me at the Dunedin Farmers Market, that she had two Solly Baby wraps she was going to give away, lives in my town, and could come over RIGHT NOW to show me out to use them.

Now... normally, dear readers, I DO NOT let complete strangers come to my house, especially when there is a nice enticing family nap about to happen. But after a brief FB stalking, I said "sure come on over stranger" to nice nice Abigail. 

In short, I did not make it to my family nap time, but I did make a new friend. And two hours later, Abigail walked out to finish her Sunday afternoon, and I soon shoved my cute, cute, tiny baby into my new wrap. (yes, he is THAT cute!)

I finally put it on today again and although it's kind of like wearing a heater on your body, it's pretty amazing for short periods of time. I can't imagine what it will feel like carrying a larger turkey than I already have now, but you bet I'll keep you posted. ;) 

The moral of this story is that:
1) you NEED a wrap/carrier so you don't go insane when you have a newborn.
2) you need super amazing supportive strangers to help you out sometimes. :) 

Gratefully Yours,