Holy ONE MONTH Batman!!

So.. CRAZYPANTS... my baby boy is almost a month old.

I was induced one month ago yesterday and he'll be born in two days.
(April doesn't have the 31st so there's an extra day in there I wasn't in the hospital. lol)

So.. story time! When my Great Aunt Kiki was in her late 90's, she used to tell me how fast time goes by. It seemed crazy to me. How can someone who never left their house or changed out of their night gown STILL think time is flying by everyday?? Obviously the older you get in life, the more true this feels, but it's never felt TRUER until I had a baby.

I feel like most days I'm straight out of the Groundhogs Day movie. Everyday honestly feels like it's ONE BIG DAY and I can't even remember to do the simple things I'm supposed to do. 

Tummy time?

Yeah, I totally forgot about those "today". The hours just fly by, most without any napping on either of our ends, and then the day is over, and I realize... HUH, well you forgot to do everything today. It's just insane.


I realize my child is totally normal and that the below is nothing short of an average life of a baby, but just incase, here's the exciting LIFE OF A (almost) ONE MONTH OLD.

My little boy loves being swaddled, although he's HOUDINI!!! and his arms never stay in them long. Even at the hospital the nurses (who wrap like super ninjas) couldn't always keep his arms in. As of this week not even his legs stay in them. And then he's angry his legs are out. His logic doesn't make much sense to me.


It's pretty much the same situation with the binky. His hands move a mile a minute and he knocks them out and then gets angry. It's HOURS of fun!! 

He's a RAPTOR with the bottle. I mean really, this kid LOVES TO EAT. He whips his head around so fast, even the cars in the fast in the furious will have a run for their money when he finds the nipple of the bottle!! You WILL be impressed. You will. Even my social worker lady from Healthy Families Florida was impressed. So DUH, of course you will too. ;) 

All in all, he's a pretty amazing baby. Aside from tons of throw up this week, and inconsistent sleeping, we're pretty darn grateful.  If all goes to plan... I really wanted to share my induction story today, we shall see how my little bird does on the sleeping front when we get back from the doctor.

-Jenipher <3