3 random things I learned about infants...

So I will start off to say it has proved very difficult to keep blogging now that my husband is back at work. I'm just getting WAY less sleep,  and doing things all by myself during the day has taken it's toll on me.

So for today's delayed blog post, I present you with 3 things I've learned about infants...
this list started off as a list of 5 things but I literally forgot the other ones and have to go to bed soon. lol #yaymombrain


1. Clogged Tear Ducts.
One night when Ollie was about four or five days old I woke up at 2am for his feeding and he couldn't open his right eye. Why was my babies eye SEALED SHUT!?!?? He was opening his left eye and not his right!!!!! HOLY CRAP WHAT IS HAPPENING?!?!?

After a few moments of feeding my VERY hungry baby, I couldn't STAND it anymore and I ran to my bedroom to wake up my husband. He told me it's okay and to use a little washcloth and after I did it was better. But I was SO SO SCARED. The doctor said this is totally normal. Babies don't produce tears and instead sometimes produce yellow gooey's. Oliver is 3 weeks old now and his eyes are still ALWAYS gooey. We go though tons of wash cloths, but at least this is "normal". 

2. Babies make SO MANY noises!!!
Like, for hours. While they are sleeping! What the heck?!?! Why didn't I know this?? 

This is the hardest part of motherhood for me. I can't sleep near him, which is quite the predicament because I'm alone most of the day which means I get no sleep. He wakes up so consistently that I feel like every time he makes a noises it's him waking up - he squeaks, he cries out randomly, grunts, and then my favorite, the little bird noises.  But becuase of said noises, I feel like 90% of the time I’m on edge waiting for him to wake up, even if he's just making random baby noises WHILE he's sleeping. 

My husband doesn't seem to have this problem though.
He can sleep through crying sometimes, it's just not fair. lol

3. Babies sense when you heat food up, or make toast.... 
I swear I wait until he's pretty much comatose when I put him in the bassinet or swing. Then I wait a BIT longer...  until I feel he's sleeping peacefully. But he seriously has killer spidey senses... 

- Put toast in the toaster and BAM when it's just ready to come out, he cries. 

- Heat up noodles in the microwave and TA DA he's ready to be held.
It's insanity. 

So now you know... incase you're in a situation and you WANT your baby awake so you can leave the house, just remember your good friend Jen and make cinnamon toast.


So there you go. I knew you were just ACHING for some infant knowledge today weren't you?? Don't worry, I got you covered!! <3

Peace, Love + Doughnuts to YOU, dear friend,
- Jenipher