Today is my due date!!

Okay well it was technically yesterday, but it's 4am again so let's just pretend it's not May 18th yet, okay??

So May 17th was originally my due date, but IRL Ollie's actually been born for two weeks (and one day!) already... how insane?!?! 

Today was also my first day taking care of Oliver alone while my husband went to work. Eep! To say I was TERRIFIED is an actual under statement, but the day went well, and I am very grateful. 

Aside from a POOP-SPLOSION diaper and then a really great nap afterwards, I had a women come over from "Heathy Family Florida".

When I was in the hospital, I had a LOT of panic attacks, and a lot of people came to check to make sure I was stable. One of those people were advocates of "Heathy Family Florida", which sounded pretty enticing at the time. 

I'm not 100% sure exactly what will happen now that I signed up for HFF but a social worker came over today to chat + will assign a counselor to come chat with me too. A counselor!! I've been wanting to go to counseling for years now and I just can't afford it, so I'm grateful. I'll keep you posted on how HFF goes. It sounds like it's a pretty neat thing though. :) 

My awards for the day: 

Lastly... I painted for the first time in OVER 9 months. YAY!

So yeah.. QUITE a day here. 
How was YOUR day? <3