Overpacking is an art form... right?

I have a handful of friends who are about to deliver, so I thought now would be a good time to talk about what I found most helpful to bring to the hospital with me.

As a SUPER anxious person... and as someone who is TERRIFIED of doctors/hospitals I SCOURED the internet and mom suggestions on what to bring to the hospital. And I COMPLETELY overpacked... BUT I will say I'm still glad I did. I like to be prepared, and I liked that I was as comfortable as possible while I stayed at the hospital. Especially since I was there for at least four days. 

I also asked mom's who gave birth at that hospital what they liked or disliked, and I made sure to pack EVERYTHING they suggested too. They said the robes were itchy, so I packed my own. One friend said she's glad she brought two pairs of slippers b/c she lost one, so I made sure to bring older slippers incase *I* lost one. A friend who had an emergency C suggested to bring clothes you can wear that don't touch your stomach stitches so that went in the bag too.

All and all, I DID indeed overpack. BUT I'm still grateful I had everything in case.

Here's a list of 10 things I would bring again.
(although I don't want to do this again. lol)

1. Since I was being induced, I knew I was there for four days (I was actually there for five though), and I was adamant about bringing things that would make me feel at home. I brought my own sheet, pillow, an extra pillow case, a blanket (Thanks Margaret!), dino plush toy (Thanks Mandy!) three pairs of my favorite socks. (from Mandy again + Queenie + my mom!) 

I also brought a book (which I did not have the energy to read), my ipad (same) and playing cards (which we did play after I had some drugs in me lol).

2. My own towel - our delivery room had a towels but our recovery room did not. Plus, mine was way prettier. lol 

3. I was FREEZING in the hospital gown and by the fourth day there I was glad I had my comfy robe. Wish I put it on sooner though! 

4. My own water bottle - through the whole process I was THIRSTY and the one at the hospital was HUGE and heavy and mine was easier to use, especially during delivery. 

5. Chapstick!!! You will need chapstick so bad! Especially if you need an oxygen mask during delivery like I did.

6. MUSIC WAS IMPERATIVE!!! The best thing I ever did right before we left the hospital was made a play list. I listened to music the whole time I was there, but had a special "Ollie COME OUT!" playlist for when I was in labor. Somehow, by the grace of God, I was able to sing in between contractions during labor, oxygen mask and all.

Okay I was going to do 10, but honestly, those were the most important. You want to be comfortable, especially if you know you're going to be there extra days, and you want to stay warm. I didn't end up using any of the clothes I packed until I left the hospital, but you may not like the gowns they had and want to wear your own. Who knows? :) 

I hope this helps!!! <3 <3