Let me tell you about PELICANS!

Want to know a way to REALLY CONFUSED the nurses at the hospital????

As you know, I had to be induced. There's a few ways to get induced, and the way I thought I was going to get was a little pill they insert "in your lady friend" every few hours to open your cervix. Fun right? 


Yeah, well what's even MORE fun is having a balloon shoved in there to open your cervix right?? Or even better, having THREE different kinds of balloons since none of them will..."fit"? (Now THAT'S a party!) Seriously y'all, this way of being induced (for me) was SO. VERY. PAINFUL. And the fact that it was SO painful, and didn't work so they kept having to try different ones was ... well let's just say I had to SHOUT in agony.

But it wasn't profanity I shouted.
No, I shouted "PELICANS!!!!!!!!!!"

The nurses laughed, and were SUPER confused by this. They said they thought they've heard everything, mostly profanity, but NEVER heard someone shout "pelicans".

The thing is, that I was trying SO HARD to think of something wonderful during the pain and I just love watching pelicans dive into the water. (We live by a pier so we go to see them all the time. lol) So, naturally, that's what I shouted while getting three different types of Foley Balloons put inside me. 

I guess I did my job if I confused the crap out of a few nurses at the hospital. Gotta keep people on their toes right? ;) 

<3 <3 <3,