Sleeping is a Catch 22.

Morning y'all!

It's 3:30 and the baby isn't even "awake" yet... but he's so fussy I can't handle laying in bed next to the bassinet while he's making so many discontent noises while he sleeps. Instead, I'm writing blog posts in my head while uncomfortably being horizontally "on my toes". 

So out to the kitchen armed and ready with my bottle and baby monitor to my right, my laptop in front of me and a thai egg roll in the toaster (thanks Anna!!) to get through the next round of feeding. :) 

I know we're "supposed to" sleep when the baby sleeps, but it's like sleeping next to a ticking time bomb and I just... can't handle it. I just lay there ready to pounce like a mama tiger, even if he's going to end up sleeping for hours. It's kind of torturous to be honest.

It's also INCREDIBLY difficult for me to sleep without my husband by my side. But in order for him to be there with me the mini time bomb does to. Catch22 right??  lol

I'm so curious how other moms handle this... if you're a mom and reading this.. please let me know!! 

Over and out...
-Jenipher <3