New Creations!!

It's time's finally time to post more goodies i have created.

Took long enough eh?


Crystal Woodland Collection


Deep within the woodlands are tiny treasures. Treasures that glisten in the sun like crystals...

Oh wait. They are crystals. Swarovski crystals to be exact.

I quite enjoy this set. I have had it for a while, and just had trouble making the photograph as desirable as it is in person.

These earrings (and necklace set) are Bohemian chic! Two sky colored metal rings present a Copper leaf charm. An allure of opaque Siam Swarovski crystals hang pridefully free on Copper accents. Copper lever back ear wires help keep these earrings secure.

Sandy Beach Dangle

Sandy Beach Dangle

It's warm and balmy. Your walking through the silky sands barefoot, enjoying a cool breeze. You have a cool drink in your hand, and you are loving the nice soothing atmosphere.

While you may not be able to physically be at the beach whenever your heart desires, this necklace will help take you to your favorite beach, mentally.

Sandy Rose freshwater pearls showcase a clear resin pendant laced with sky blue accents. Aqua Wonder Beads, Aquamarine chips, and glass dangle swim a top. This necklace is just a smidgen under 16 inches, and has my signature heart toggle and cherry dangle.


I'm quite happy how these pieces came out, photograpicly...finally! I've had many days of trouble with these two gals. :)

Calorie Free Love

Give your lady love a memorable gift, without all the fat and calories!


A delicious cookie for of a gal of any age!

A "handmade with love" cookie pendant is showcased by a 17 inch Copper chain. Three small freshwater pearls dangle on the right chain of the necklace. My signature heart toggle and cherry dangle complete this lovely piece.


Wear this fabulous necklace on any day you feel loved!

PS: You have so many pendant choices!!


Valentines Day + Cherry Runway = Happy Ladies!!


Don't you want your lady friend, wife, sister, mother, in laws, Fiancées, or general lady stranger to love you? Think your dandy? Have amazing taste in jewelry...?

Every lady loves jewelry.

Especially custom, handmade jewelry.

Impress everyone and enjoy complimentary gift wrapping and a lovely pair of earrings with any purchase before Valentines Day! Everyone wins!

Holy Shows!! (and a really long blog)

It was a CRAZY CRAZY weekend!! I had not one, but TWO shows. A holiday craft show at Infusion Tea. I posted about their last event i participated in. I did PHENOMENAL at the one back in October. Sadly, i think they got a tad lazy advertising for this show, and the turn out wasn't to great. The first four hours were deader then dead. (Okay, i shouldn't say that, but there were barely any buyers, and a handful of "lookers"). I ended up during quite decently, which was a blessing. Then i ran to work from 6-12:30am, drove home, and headed to Sarasota at 6am. Twas now i was really tired.


1) The set up was done. My favorite show trio (including myself) was back in action. Well..they were reading after set up was done. I was in action. :)

2) Karen with one of her "Holiday Holly" head bands.

3) I LOVE this picture. Lindsey and Riley both look upset.

4) After a long day at work on Friday, a 5am wake up call for a long show on Saturday and a 5am drive to Sarasota on Sunday, Riley was ready for a nap.


We allowed ourselves 3 hours to get to Sarasota/Atomic on time, but it only took us 2.5, so we walked around and took pictures while we waited to set up. We found this awesome fish. Come on! Like you wouldn't have taken pictures with him!

Atomic was incredible!! There were at least 50 people waiting outside to come in when we opened at noon. That's even more then Stick Rock!! (I think, anyone know?)


I was a little nervous at first since all the people were just wandering, and not really looking or buying, but after a couple deep breaths (suggestion from Riley) and about 20 minutes, it was normal in Cherry Runway land. In fact, it was even more busy then my usual Cherry Land. It was insane at some points. Riley was actually making basic pieces! (go figure! my talented boy!) Customers were asking for so many custom requests, Riley had to take charge, greet and sell everyone for me. It was brilliant!! This was by far, my most successful show as of yet, and i am so so so thankful!!

Another amazing thing happened! I ACTUALLY LOOKED AROUND. I usually don't leave my table "just in case" so i never end up seeing everything, meeting people or buying anything. It's a sad fact i keep getting upset with myself for. But this show, we had plenty of time for chatting and looking before the doors even opened. It was SO FUN looking at how talented people are. Of course i had to take the time to see a few of my favorites artists, who were conveniently near my table. Sarah from "Felt and Paper" and Andrea and Paul from Paper Sparrow and Bungle Bear.

I also made a few new friends. Karyn and Alex from "Fat Orange Cat" has adorable aprons, bags and paper goods. They arrived at Atomic a tad to early and we chatted for a little while, by the fish. Both of them were fun and sarcastic (my favorite type of people) and Riley and I enjoyed talking with them. Becca Mari had a beautiful selection
of girly delicacies. Her table set up and pieces were all glitzy and gorgeous. Becca was a sweet heart too. I didn't really get to see her after the show, but i hope you did well Becca!! I also enjoyed chatting with Tina from Tinahdee Her pieces were very pretty and the inspirational saying were lovely. They fueled my engine for my next round of metal smithing classes.


Riley is getting even better/quicker with my table set up. How in the world did i find a boy who not only puts up with me, but actually sets up my table at shows. We've done so many shows together now, he gets upset if i even try to help. (Lindsey can agree to that.)

I am a lucky lucky gal!!!!

All and all it was an incredible weekend. I am so thankful for friends, boyfriends, amazing crafters and most of all, all of my amazing customers. To whom i am utterly grateful for. Thank you so much!! To all of you!! With you there would be no Cherry Runway. :)

I am so blessed!! :) Happy Holidays ya'll!! We only ONE WEEK TILL CHRISTMAS!! Cherry Runway land..

New Pretties...Dec. 08

I have two amazing shows coming up, which I'm more then excited about. I've been trying to work day and night to create more jewels for the shows. Come out to "Infusion Tea" in College Park on December 13th for Homemade for the Holidays!! And the ATOMIC BAZAAR is the one I'm extremely scyked for. That one is in Sarasota on interestingly enough, December 14th! It's going to be a crazy couple weeks!!!

So far, my work has paid off, but i have so much more to make!!

AND...i have two bits of exciting news.

1) I saw my first customer wearing some of my jewelry! I've been selling in Orlando for almost 2.5 consecutive years now, and I've never once seen anyone wearing my jewelry. A customer looked really familiar at Antro, and i went up to chat with her. I knew she looked familiar because she frequents the gallery i work at as well. And i shouted "omgosh, your wearing my earrings!" which got quite the "Huh?" response. I told her i work at the gallery as well, and am an artists there, and those are earrings i created. I was gleaming, and couldn't content my smile. I told almost all of my Antro co-workers. Most were quite excited for me. Twas a nice thing.


2) In one my last posts, i mentioned how i was asked and accepted into a new shop called Flourish. Well, she's had my jewels for about a week now, and she e-mailed me the other day and told me i already had my first sale. In the FIRST WEEK!! How stellar is that?? awesome. She sold one of my "Martini Yourtini" necklaces.

Mytini, Or Yours

Come get one for yourself! I mean, who DOESN'T want a Martini glass necklace? Seriously! :)

So, that's all folks, I've been a busy bee, as always. I hope you have been too! Have a stress free Holiday season!! I shall write again soon.

Peace! :)

Gift Card Alert!!

I was blog shopping this morning and some how got to this wonderful blog. Kristine posts about her adventures with adopting a child, complete with timeline and artists spotlights. Check her out.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~so...on to the gift card issues...

Many stores will be closing shop soon, but are still selling gift cards through the holidays. these cards will be useless come January 1. no law prevents them from doing so, referred to as 'bankruptcy planning’. here is a list of some stores that may pose potential problems for those shopping with gift cards…

Circuit City filed Chapter 11
Ann Taylor 117 stores nationwide closing
Lane Bryant, Fashion Bug ,and Catherine’s to close 150 stores nationwide
Eddie Bauer to close stores 27 stores and more after January
Cache will close all stores
Talbots closing down specialty stores
J. Jill closing all stores (owned by Talbots)
Pacific Sunwear closing all stores (also owned by Talbots)
GAP closing 85 stores
Footlocker closing 140 stores more to close after January
Wickes Furniture closing down
Levitz closing down remaining stores
Bombay closing remaining stores
Zales closing down 82 stores and 105 after January
Whitehall closing all stores
Piercing Pagoda closing all stores
Disney closing 98 stores and will close more after January.
Home Depot closing 15 stores 1 in NJ ( New Brunswick )
Macys to close 9 stores after January
Linens and Things closing all stores
Movie Gallery closing all stores
Pep Boys closing 33 stores
Sprint/Nextel closing 133 stores
JC Penney closing a number of stores after January
Ethan Allen closing down 12 stores.
Wilson Leather closing down all stores
Sharper Image closing down all stores
K B Toys closing 356 stores
Lowes to close down some stores
Dillard’s to close some stores

So please, just buy handmade and you won't have this problem!!! I mean, you all NEED jewelry right? Every one's got a mother, and I'm sure many of you have sisters, friends, girlfriends, wife' just MUST need jewelry. Ha. Okay, my solicitation is finished. Hope your all having a glorious day!!

Yay! I'm "Flourish"ing!!

I was recently e-mailed by lovely lady named Vanessa asking if i would be an artist in her shoppe. Flourish Boutique is in South Bend, Indiana. Her shop just opened a few months ago and is doing quite well already! All of the other artists that are apart of her shop are delighted and told me i should be honored to have been contacted by Vanessa. Flourish has an abundance of handmade creations ranging from fine art, clothing, shoes, accessories, jewelry, and home decor.

Although I'm really weary of consignment after some of the other fiasco's I've encountered, I'm still very excited about this opportunity. Vanessa seems extremely put together, had a well written contact, and everyone had so many nice things to say. It was an offer i couldn't refuse. I sent off a selection of my jewels on Monday. Below is just a few to make an appearance.


Mytini, Or Yours

Not Your Mother's Pearls

Leopard Lampwork Love

Tensha Pearl

and matching earrings!

Play Me A Ditty

I'm so excited to be a part of Flourish. I hope my jewelry Flourishes. Har har. :)

Hope your having a peachy holiday season so far!!

Infusional Inspiration.

Infusion Tea

I know, again, i always apologize, but i've been a bad blogger..again!!

Right now I'm at my favorite tea house so it's so much easier to be a good girl blogger. Except...that the internet is on the fritz here, and my computer is dying, and i've only been here an hour. It's been enough to recharge though, so I'm still thankful. It's been a crazy couple months, full of drama and excitement. Many things have been learned, taught, responded to, understood, misunderstood. Alas, at this moment, i can say i have a new appreciation to my jewelry, to my loving boyfriend and his family. To my favorite, and my future surrounded by all of these relationships. I'm in a good place right now, and i hope to move here permanently. Cross your fingers!!

Arg....still no internet.

I am still internetless....BUT i just started taking my jewelry fabrication classes. In the 1st class i met a bunch of friendly, eager women. We made a Sterling silver ring from start to finish. It was a great class; the teacher was friendly and patient. My beautiful ring, which is a little hammered band sits happily on my right pointer finger.

This week we are supposed to sketch a design for a pendent we are starting next week. It's supposed to be the size of a postage stamp and not to intricate. We are given little gemstones to set in the pendent.

I already have a few designs I'm working on, and am very excited to start this project! :)

No internet, New Items and Shows...oh my!

Ok friends..this is just killing me. i STILL don't have Internet access. I'm hiding in the back of a Panera using their Internet. I can't stay for long, just long enough to upload some new items on thy website and etsy. Check these babies out! :)

Also...i have loads of exciting shows coming up.

* Every 2nd Thursday i participate in Sanford's "Alive at 5" event, which i've written about before.

* I am also going to be at Infusion Tea - Orlando's 1st "Fall in Love with Handmade" event, which I'm stoked about. It;s held at my favorite tea house, Infusion Tea on Sept. 27th.

* THEN!! Stitch Rock will take the stage on October 4th. I am soooo very excited to be part of this event. I applied last year and didn't attend, but this year, i have got my table and everything and am ready to rock.

* Art Farm is a local artsy events in downtown Orlando. I don't know a ton about it, except it seems awesome. This event is Oct. 19th.

And lastly...but certainly not least, i am very excited to be participating in the Atomic Bazaar. I have read many articles about this stellar event, and am proudly wearing my grin at my Cherry Runway table on December 14th.

Come to these shows folks!! You won't be disappointed! :) Copper Collection.


I wanted to create a collection of jewelry that emphasizes my love for Vintage inspired jewelry. This copper gem is my favorite of my new collection. A nice sized, faceted, Opal Quartz sits under a vintage inspired, textured triangle bead cap. A tiny Garnet lays under the Opal. A little Brass flower houses a creamy Freshwater Pearl and another tiny Garnet accent. This lovely selection hangs on a 22" Copper chain, and has my signature cherry dangling off of a round copper clasp. The matching earrings hang on elongated Copper ear wires.

Life > Work

It's been a while....

Life has been getting in the way of my own work. My jobs, family and boyfriend are taking up all of my time. I really am trying to blog more. I went home and had a ton of blogging ideas, but annoyingly, my family's internet was down. Thus, i wasn't able to blog at all. More about that later. Today i FINALLY updated my website, and Etsy site with new items.

What ya think?

Saturday Morning Pancakes

Saturday Morning Pancakes

Don't you love those Saturday mornings, when you don't have anywhere to be. (Well, not very early anyways..) Those Saturday mornings, you can take the moments , enjoy the morning Sunday and make delicious Saturday Morning Pancakes.

Enjoy those pancakes all year round, on every day of the year. These "pancakes" are round rondelles of a dark stained wood, with a Jade "cherry" on top. Dangling below are a cute set of Pewter fork and knife charms.

Eat Up!!

Wish Me Luck...

Wish Me Luck!

So..a little while back i posted about a pearl necklace i made as a prototype for a shoppe in South Florida. Well the time has come, and i have made another prototype and a small portfolio to show the company as well. Above is the final catalog product. I am going to go there sometime at the end of the week, so please cross your fingers they like my work! :)

A few of my favorite things....

Blogged 6/16/08


Smokey Topaz Ring - This stellar ring has a really unique Topaz cut, and a neat band. Her jewelry is very pretty and well crafted.

Safety Ring - Jenny from Jewelry fool makes exceptionally stellar jewelry. Her unique style strikes my fancy.

Under Glass Ring - This award winning dome-esk ring is utterly creative. Sadly, this artist doesn't have any more images of her work on her Etsy, but I'm sure she could send you some if your interested.

Tracery - Girts and Jan photograph flowers and blooms fabulously! This bloom is called a Chinese Lantern, or Physalis alkekengi, and is the coolest bloom I've ever seen!

I like. :)

Some Poems I Just Found

About a year.5 ago my jewelry was accepted into the gallery i work at. WHOO HOO!! We give a biography about the artists to all of the cusomters who purchase jewelry in our gallery, so i asked my co-worker to help me write mine. Here is what she wrote.

[granted i didn't use any of them, but that doesn't mean they aren't humurous.]

Jewelry is fun.
Jenipher Lyn's is pretty.
Take some home today.

There once was a girl named Jen.
The jewelry she made was a ten.
She uses some pearls,
and makes it for girls.
And maybe someday for men.

Jen's jewelry is unique.
The same goes for her tecnique.
(Rhyming couplets)

Fun are't they??

Cross Your Fingers.


I was asked to make some jewelry prototypes for a very prestigious store in my home town. This is one of the first prototypes i made for them, and am working on a couple portfolio pages for them. I think this necklace would do wonderfully there, and am crossing my fingers!! that they accept me. Cross yours too okay?