One Year Ago this week.... Califonia Roll IRL!

How the crap has a year flown by SO fast?

This week, one year ago, i was in California. My life was upside down. I got accepted to Renegade. I was seeing my best friend i hadn't seen in years. Did i mention my life was upside down?

Renegade was super amazing. I shared a booth with Andrea, who is so talented, and friendly!

I had sushi at the bar of a place Sean frequented, so we got loads of free [scary] things to try. I tried [successfully] using chop stix. [and failed.]

Brian drove me all around, ate cupcakes, brought me to Ralph's [who makes the BEST cherry jam] cracked an egg with one hand. drove like a maniac. :) and made fun of me on his podcast.

Twas a lovely trip indeed.
I only have one real disappointment....

The California rolls are better in Orlando. :]

Are you going on any fun trips this summer?
Mucho love to you,

Oh Cali, how i miss thee today...

So..i woke up this morning, reminising about California. I miss how beautiful it was there, the freedom of not having to be anywhere specific, the company :) , and just generally traveling.

I've never craved travel before in my life time, and since this trip and after meeting some travel emthusisit friends, i want to go EVERYWHERE now.

* Portland (THIS really should be soon!) (Crossing fingers!)
* New York City
* Brooklyn
* Savannah
* Chicago
* Seattle
* North Carolina

Those are all on the "soon i hope" list. :)

Oh yesh...I miss this too. :)

Back from California!!

Okay! SOOOO after taking 700 pictures while im LA, i decided it's prolly best to have posts with topics. Hopefully it shall help me be a better blogger since there were so many fun things to share with you all!

This post shall give you some highlights of my trip. :)

* LA was super awesome!

* I climbed up a mountian and got a bloody knee.

* I was on Brian's podcast!

* Renegade was SUPER DOOPER! I met so many amazing people! (a lot more on that!)

* I went to In-And-Out burger.

* I went to Melissa Joan Hart's new sweet shop!

* I got to visit "Reform School" - a neat indie shop in Silver Lake.


* I'm sad to be back.

SUCH a marvelous day! :)

I had such a super day yesterday. I severely dislike dentists, but my dental hygienist was amazing!! We talked about art, and god and relationships! It was a-mazing!!! Totally worthy of going to the dentist.

To celebrate how "brave" i was, i decided to reward myself with a delicious meal. Everyone at the dental office suggested a sushi place across the street. I'm a very frugal gal, but decided to REALLY treat myself and get a meal instead of just some rolls.

I heart California Rolls.

The extra money was totally worthy of my spendage!! Not only did i get all of these Japanese goodies, but it came with Miso soup and salad with ginger dressing too. YUM! I made a lot of FB and Twitter friends jealous by posting about it. ;)

Amazingly Awesome!

"it smells so good I don't wanna eat it. I just wanna keep on smellin'" -little boy at sushi (about Miso soup)

Rasberry Chocolate Dream

To continue my unfrugal trend, to be spontaneous and to break my junk food fast, i went to one of my favorite new coffee shops after work. I had a DELICIOUS dessert and a perfect cup of "Sense of Peace" tea. Mmmmm

"Sense of Peace" Tea

I was spontaneous AND are junk food! And oh my!!! Is was good!

Rasberry Chocolate Dream

I blissfully enjoyed my treats and made jewelry at both the sushi places and the coffee shop.

Kiwi Dream

pretty in pearl

Here are a sneak peek at some of the fun goodies i was making! :)

PS: OMGOSH!! It just occurred to me! I could have California Rolls IN California!!! SWEET!