Hark! A new stage!

These past few weeks have been such a blessing, and such a gratifying growing experience. I'm in THE best place I've ever been in, in my short 25 years. I have finally come to a place where i am confident and comfortable; with my true age, with my progress of my business, with myself. I finally learned that i don't need a man or a successful (ie: money making) business to make me happy. I deserve to be happy without those things. I finally learned that i do enjoy making jewelry, and although i hope to grow with my skills, I'm satisfied with my Cherry Runway jewels for now. Jewelry making is finally enjoyable again, and it's nice not to feel stressed about my show on Saturday.

Oh, yeah, you Orlando Folk, come to my (our) show on Saturday at Dandelion Cafe on Colonial. It's called World Fair Trade Day!

I Heart Rollarblading ha, now where have you seen THIS picture before?

I've been roller-blading every day for the last few weeks (with a couple exceptions when i staying over at peoples houses) which is a feat I'm quite proud of! Especially those mornings i realllly didn't want to go skating at 7:30 in the morning. I have still been consistent and have enjoyed it so. (ok, with the exception of yesterday.. lol)

Okay..I'm through with my mushy feelings.

Holy Shows!! (and a really long blog)

It was a CRAZY CRAZY weekend!! I had not one, but TWO shows. A holiday craft show at Infusion Tea. I posted about their last event i participated in. I did PHENOMENAL at the one back in October. Sadly, i think they got a tad lazy advertising for this show, and the turn out wasn't to great. The first four hours were deader then dead. (Okay, i shouldn't say that, but there were barely any buyers, and a handful of "lookers"). I ended up during quite decently, which was a blessing. Then i ran to work from 6-12:30am, drove home, and headed to Sarasota at 6am. Twas now i was really tired.


1) The set up was done. My favorite show trio (including myself) was back in action. Well..they were reading after set up was done. I was in action. :)

2) Karen with one of her "Holiday Holly" head bands.

3) I LOVE this picture. Lindsey and Riley both look upset.

4) After a long day at work on Friday, a 5am wake up call for a long show on Saturday and a 5am drive to Sarasota on Sunday, Riley was ready for a nap.


We allowed ourselves 3 hours to get to Sarasota/Atomic on time, but it only took us 2.5, so we walked around and took pictures while we waited to set up. We found this awesome fish. Come on! Like you wouldn't have taken pictures with him!

Atomic was incredible!! There were at least 50 people waiting outside to come in when we opened at noon. That's even more then Stick Rock!! (I think, anyone know?)


I was a little nervous at first since all the people were just wandering, and not really looking or buying, but after a couple deep breaths (suggestion from Riley) and about 20 minutes, it was normal in Cherry Runway land. In fact, it was even more busy then my usual Cherry Land. It was insane at some points. Riley was actually making basic pieces! (go figure! my talented boy!) Customers were asking for so many custom requests, Riley had to take charge, greet and sell everyone for me. It was brilliant!! This was by far, my most successful show as of yet, and i am so so so thankful!!

Another amazing thing happened! I ACTUALLY LOOKED AROUND. I usually don't leave my table "just in case" so i never end up seeing everything, meeting people or buying anything. It's a sad fact i keep getting upset with myself for. But this show, we had plenty of time for chatting and looking before the doors even opened. It was SO FUN looking at how talented people are. Of course i had to take the time to see a few of my favorites artists, who were conveniently near my table. Sarah from "Felt and Paper" and Andrea and Paul from Paper Sparrow and Bungle Bear.

I also made a few new friends. Karyn and Alex from "Fat Orange Cat" has adorable aprons, bags and paper goods. They arrived at Atomic a tad to early and we chatted for a little while, by the fish. Both of them were fun and sarcastic (my favorite type of people) and Riley and I enjoyed talking with them. Becca Mari had a beautiful selection
of girly delicacies. Her table set up and pieces were all glitzy and gorgeous. Becca was a sweet heart too. I didn't really get to see her after the show, but i hope you did well Becca!! I also enjoyed chatting with Tina from Tinahdee Her pieces were very pretty and the inspirational saying were lovely. They fueled my engine for my next round of metal smithing classes.


Riley is getting even better/quicker with my table set up. How in the world did i find a boy who not only puts up with me, but actually sets up my table at shows. We've done so many shows together now, he gets upset if i even try to help. (Lindsey can agree to that.)

I am a lucky lucky gal!!!!

All and all it was an incredible weekend. I am so thankful for friends, boyfriends, amazing crafters and most of all, all of my amazing customers. To whom i am utterly grateful for. Thank you so much!! To all of you!! With you there would be no Cherry Runway. :)

I am so blessed!! :) Happy Holidays ya'll!! We only ONE WEEK TILL CHRISTMAS!!

Good Bye Sissors, Hello One Year.

Each little scissor represents a customer who thought i did a superior job and told customer service about me. So, for me to work at Joann Fabric for like two months and get 5, well, i think i did a good dern job! :)


One year ago today, i hung up my Joann apron, and started my personal (and professional) journey working at an AMAZING gallery called Timothy's. Happy one year anniversary to me!

*This is the longest amount of time, I've ever stayed at a job, go me! What better way to celebrate then helping children rot their teeth out tonight. Whoo!*