I am SO very impressed!

 I am SO very
impressed with this necklace! I listed it last week randomly and sold one within a couple days.

I re-listed PURELY for 
'kicks and giggles' 
the next morning not expecting anything at all.

Then, I sold ANOTHER ONE within an hour of my re-list! 
Isn't that Amazing! 

I re-listed it again today JUST to see what will happen and i've had no takers... YET! Both folks who purchased this necklace already had a really good story why they were thankful they found this to GIFT to someone. I LOVE when that happens!!

But i am really stoked about the traffic my shop has had lately. 
I've been working REALLY hard to make it better!

Have you been to my shops lately?
Can you TELL what i've been working on?

Let me know if you can!
smiles and Thanks,

Fair's of World Trades. Days.

I've been a horrid little blogger, but this was MORE then worthy of blogging about.

I was a part of the "World Fair Trade" day last month. There are dozens of yummy vegan food vendors, artsits, and musicians. Customers on the other hand, were quite few and far between, but a bunch of my favorite people came to visit me. AND all of the sales i had were to people who either already knew of my work, or already had some of my pieces. IT. WAS. AWESOME. !



This was the first show that i not only did the whole display BUT did it confidently and had fun while creating it! Yay!


This lady has done just about EVERY single show with me since i started doing them three years ago, she also just moved away. The next show, without her, will be a very sad day. :(


After the art show, my friend Camilo and I went to the House of Blues to see Saves the Day. They were stellar!

YAY!! SAVE 25%!!!


Okay, i'm going to bobard you with this flyer for a whole month + some. I really really could use the help getting the word out. So, if you, or anyone you know are looking for gifts for you, them, their friends, family, whoever, please let them know about the sale!

It would be GREATLY appreacited! :)


Meanwhile...in Cherry Runway land..

New Pretties...Dec. 08

I have two amazing shows coming up, which I'm more then excited about. I've been trying to work day and night to create more jewels for the shows. Come out to "Infusion Tea" in College Park on December 13th for Homemade for the Holidays!! And the ATOMIC BAZAAR is the one I'm extremely scyked for. That one is in Sarasota on interestingly enough, December 14th! It's going to be a crazy couple weeks!!!

So far, my work has paid off, but i have so much more to make!!

AND...i have two bits of exciting news.

1) I saw my first customer wearing some of my jewelry! I've been selling in Orlando for almost 2.5 consecutive years now, and I've never once seen anyone wearing my jewelry. A customer looked really familiar at Antro, and i went up to chat with her. I knew she looked familiar because she frequents the gallery i work at as well. And i shouted "omgosh, your wearing my earrings!" which got quite the "Huh?" response. I told her i work at the gallery as well, and am an artists there, and those are earrings i created. I was gleaming, and couldn't content my smile. I told almost all of my Antro co-workers. Most were quite excited for me. Twas a nice thing.


2) In one my last posts, i mentioned how i was asked and accepted into a new shop called Flourish. Well, she's had my jewels for about a week now, and she e-mailed me the other day and told me i already had my first sale. In the FIRST WEEK!! How stellar is that?? Sigh...so awesome. She sold one of my "Martini Yourtini" necklaces.

Mytini, Or Yours

Come get one for yourself! I mean, who DOESN'T want a Martini glass necklace? Seriously! :)

So, that's all folks, I've been a busy bee, as always. I hope you have been too! Have a stress free Holiday season!! I shall write again soon.

Peace! :)