MOODY Monday: Erin Ashley Art

STAND BACK Moody Monday! You just can't have a bad moment after seeing this beautiful/COLORFUL painting! I LOVE it! It's not SUPER often that i have to STOP what I'm doing to blog about a piece of art i love, but in this case, i just had to!

This piece is called "Metro Mix 4" and it's by Erin Ashley. 

Gorgeous on white or blue walls! Hooray! One day, when am settled, i would LOVE a piece like this for my home. :) 

Have you been inspired by any art work lately? 
I'd love to hear about it!

smiles to you DEAR friends,

[Moody Monday] Hello Roy G. Biv!


I heart rainbows so much. They BRIGHTEN my day! [har har]. No but seriously, i have always been transfixed by things in a Roy G Biv multicolored pattern. 


Whether it's sippie cups for toddlers, Sharpies, or the towels at Bed Bath and Beyond...i actually stutter three times as long to stop feeling the shopping addition the pulses through my veins when i see products rainbow formation. 

Do you have any addictions like mine?
I'd love to hear about it!
Have a COLORFUL day!
Jenipher :)

Looksy Wednesday - Little Odd Forest

Oh my...I'm literally drooling over this beautiful purse by Little Odd Forest. I've known about her work for a while, and have even blogged about it once, but couldn't help myself from posting about this purse i stumbled upon this morning while on Etsy.

Isn't it LOVELY?

She has some amazing pieces, i think you should check them out!!

Have an inspired day!

Colorful Colorful Life.

Sometimes life has SUCH abundant colors that you can't but embrace yourself in it's beauty.

This pretty butterfly was donated i believe in Hollywood Flower. I honestly can't remember the same of the artist, but they have a whole gallery on Lincoln Road, Miami. If you're ever in the area you should partake in this gallery! It's pretty fantastic!

My friend William painted this beautiful painting during a service at church one time. I love the message and love this photograph. :)

What beautifully colorful things have you seen lately??

Craft on!

Jenipher :)