May Life Serve You CHEESE!

I have a really 'cheesy' picture of my boyfriend and i on my Facebook profile. I'm in love with this photo, as it's SO CUTE!  One of my friends, Tim, said this to me as a comment below the photo and i knew it had to be my next colored drawing.

It rings true for so many things for me. I love cheesy; photos, jokes, dancing, etc etc... and i [truly] hope, i have a lifetime of the finest cheese


In case you wanted to see it ^^^ Here it is. Cheeeeesey! I love it! It was taken by the boy on my birth of days. What a happy day that was. [so blessed!]

Hope you have an inspired cheese flavored day!
-jenipher :D

What is the MOST read book on the subway?

...i have NO idea. :]

Now that i kinda consider myself a 'connoisseur' of the subway -- hey! i gave someone directions today!? 

Okay, I'm not. 
I'm totally lying.

BUT, i can tell you that in the past week, i've sat next to TWO different folks reading the 'Great Gatsby'. Being the nosy person i am, i started [reading] this guys book while on my journey to the city today and realized how VISUALLY written this book is.

Captivated, i knew i wanted to draw a quote from the book. This ^^ grabbed my attention and now, here lies today's 'nightly doodle'. 


Nightly Noodles

Camilo: sorry, i was reading nightly noodles
it's a blog kind of like yours
but about noodles
for dinner and breakfast

Jen: LOL are you serious? 

Camilo: lol no i was reading nightly doodles
can I make a spoof of your blog?
is that legal.. will I be ok?"

Jen: hahahaha yes!! i would LOVE that!

Inspired. Learned. Quoted.

I learned so much at church tonight that i wanted to blog about it! I can't wait to doodle all these INSPIRING quotes and wisdom bits. :D
"everyone has SOMETHING to offer" 
"Little bits of faithfulness. Thats how the world changes"
"choose to trust even if it's hard"
"I've never met anyone who regretted trusting God"
"choose joy"
"farther along, we'll understand why"

"God is always at work, even if we can't see it"
"the most amazing things about god is how he heals us'
:) :)

From Art to Zink!

Joan from ArtZink
creates a mixtured of colorful collages using random clippings and cozy sentiments. I was instantly drawn to her simple beauties and had to post about them. She has prints and greeting cards in a varitey of color schemes and quotes.

Go check out her pretties in her etsy shop!

Life's Happy Quotes

The happy and inspiring things my friends have said to me today..BEHOLD.

In a way. But, you're trying to fight it. Most people don't. You're one strong and inspiring little lady. - Georgia

I only give them because I like your art. You show me so many different things but none of them are ever the same. They all have their own flair and ideas you put into them. You think about your art and it shows. You don't just churn out variations of the same idea. - Torin, on how he's always so complimentary towards my art work.

I think you're pretty open minded. You take other people's view points and put them into action a lot more than other people I know. People usually ask for advice and still just do whatever THEY want to do.. - Georgia

I hope you have a splendid, creative weekend ya'll!!

Smiles and Blessings,

When life hands you radishes....

Radish Love.

My life has been so wonderful! These last few weeks have been my happiest, most creative, most opptimistic weeks in my entire life of 25 years. Life is good! (those t-shirts are right!!)

Some inspiration quotes for all of you fine folks...and a REAL [creative] blog soon! I promise. :)

"You have to be willing to give up the life you've planned for in order to live the life that's waiting for you.
- Joesph Cambell

"The irony of commitment is that it's deeply liberating - in work, in play, in love. The at frees you from the tyranny of your internal critic, from the fear that likes to dress itself and parade around rationally. To commit is to remove your head as the barrier to your life."
- My Starbucks cup.

"Where did my sandwich go? Did i eat it?"
- My Grandma

Happy Wednesday!

To all the rejects....i present you Dan Lugo.

So, to all the rejects out there, I feel you. Not with my hands, but with my heart. - Dan Lugo.


Yeah...that LOVELY quote is from this guy ^^^.A great setiment for sure.

Besides being a good friend of mine (perhaps until he sees i posted his image on my blog), Dan plays some sweet tunes you should check out!! Lugo and writes a clever blog called Beta Narrative - which is precisely where i stole this quote.

Tune in for more sensitive sentiments from Dan Lugo in the future.