The book is HERE!!!!!


Just ONE YEAR ago, i was chatting with friends telling them how i wanted to write and illustrate a book... And now, my {Doodle Dream} books have arrived, IN THE FLESH! It's CRAZY!

I'm in the process of mailing out OODLES of them! Little by little... Everyone who 'ordered' a copy from Kickstarter will get theirs in the next few weeks! [yay!]

AND.... ta daaaa!! You can now purchase some of my cards, AND my books at an amazing store in Los Angeles called Leanna Lin's Wonderland. [YAY!!!!] 

Isn't it ADORABLE?!? 

If you know of any shops you think my book would fit well in, please let me know!

And, if you'd like a copy of the book, you can order one right HERE! :)

Thanks & Cheers friends!!!
-Jenipher :)

AHHHHHHHH!!!!!! My book is printing!!

I just got the noticed last night that NOT ONLY has my book finished being reviewed but my first test copy has been SHIPPED!!!!! I'm over the moon. And i can't wait to share it with you. I really hope it's perfect and then i should have copies for all of you by the end of March/early April! HOORAY!!!! 
Let's all cross our fingers shall we? ;)
Thank you so much to you ALL!!
Happy Dancing in my PJs,
-Jenipher :)

Doodles + Self Care = HAPPY CLASS!


Happy Saturday friends!!
I hope it's been restful so far!!
I wanted to tell you about a class i'll be teaching a workshop in!
The class is called BE.

{ What The Class Includes } 
(Taken from Brandy's website)
seven week class, starting the Monday before Ash Wednesday and continuing until Easter Sunday with a specific theme every week.

live weekly call co-led by myself and the teacher of the week. My husband is also going to serenade us with a few songs at the beginning of each call!

recipe every week that I have stumbled upon that will help us explore healing and experiencing God through food. I’ll add modifications to make room for allergies and special diets.

weekly reflection from the Bible or another book and a spiritual practice that will complement that week’s theme and workshop.

A day each week to practice the art of letting go. A day to fast from shame or judgment or the lies we tell ourselves.

A day each week of radical Sabbath. We’ll have an official Sabbath day as a class, where the page will grow silent, but we can each decide what day or hours we choose rest in our own lives.

An invitation to join our private Facebook group where can explore this extreme restfulness together.

love letter straight to your inbox at the beginning of every week that will contain all of the activities and resources that week for easy reference.

Below is what my week looks like! hooray! 
Week Five {03/31—04/06} :: Play
Questions :: When was the last time you played? When was the last time you created art just for you? Can you let yourself get swept up in the flow of fun? Where can you go this week to laugh so hard your cheeks hurt?
Recipe :: Chocolate Chip Cookies
Spiritual Practice :: Doodling
What we’ll let go :: Anxiety
Workshop :: Nightly Doodles with Jenipher Lyn

We'd love if you wanted to join us! You can click HERE to read more about it, or you can respond to this e-mail if you have any questions! I hope the rest of your weekend goes SPLENDIDLY!!
-Jenipher :) :)  

The time i showed my 92 year old aunt and 90 year old uncle my book!!

When i was home visiting my family a week ago, i had the PRIVILEGE to show my best friend, my 92 year old Aunt Kiki my book! Moments later, my Uncle George came in and wanted to read it too!   

My heart SOARED while they were reading it, my aunt chatting with me about each page, while my uncle *TAP TAPPED* on the table to send him another chapter like i was a bartender refilling his beer.

Afterwards, my Uncle kissed my forehead and said he nearly cried reading it. As a strong man of few words, this MADE week? LIFE? I can't even tell you, but i was floored with happy during this moment! 

These moments are why this hard life is worth it!! I can't even express to you HOW excited i am about my book!!

This is just the beginning!! 

Who's READY for a BOOK UPDATE?!?

Bout time right!?!

Since my last post I've been writing like CRAZY!!!! 

Last Tuesday night I went to a lecture about children's book publishing. After hearing HOW LONG it took, and how much the editors might change, i left there thinking...


That night, i couldn't sleep because i was so stoked. I came up with a whole Kickstarter plan and have been ready and working on the book like MAD since that evening! 

This book is WAYYY too important to wait two years, and i'm not willing to part with my title i've come up with OR my illustrations.. so LOOK OUT WORLD, this book will be ready by February! 


If you're interested in hearing more about when the book will be published, or about the Kickstarter campaign, please let me know! :)

As always, THANKS for reading!!
- Jenipher 

Life...or something like it...

  Oh man... this week has been a crazy whirlwind of wedding 'crap'. For the pasts few days, Boy and I have been making invites like a CRAZY person!

I've also been working as best as i can on Lilla Roger's Make Art That Sells class that I'm taking. [Which is how i was inspired to do the little house pattern above...] I can't wait to order some fabric of it from Spoon Flower!

This is another pattern i made for the class. I ended up changing it around some for the class assignment, but i still think it came out pretty cute.

Are you doing any fun projects this week? I'd love to hear about them! :)

Happy Tuesday friends!

RELAX! Your time will COME!

A minute ago i wanted to share a "small post" [bahahah] in Michelle's Ward's clubhouse to share with my friends about my revelations from yesterday, but it got so long i decided i wanted to post it here to motivated anyone else who's suffering from negative thoughts this week! 
[i planned to show a doodle here but it didn't let me upload one..] #fail


So... i had a REVELATION yesterday! These are mostly all doodles now, but instead of blowing up a bunch of photos, I'm just sharing the words that INSPIRED me yesterday!

- Just because it doesn't happen NOW doesn't mean it's not gonna happen.

- I don't need to be like anyone else. [NOR do YOU!]

- Be true to YOU.

- I never meant to go this route... but I'm glad i went here anyway...

- Sometimes you just gotta hustle to make your dreams come true!

After stressing LITERALLY since Monday's call i realized i have a "RIGHT NOW" mentality and i stressed that i STILL HAVE TO MAKE JEWELRY AHHHH! until i realized that yes, this is my RIGHT NOW but it's only until i figure out everything.

I realized that stressing I'm not doing 'what she is doing to promote' or 'making this' or blah blah blah... that it really DOESN'T MATTER!! Who says i HAVE to make greeting cards or show at NSS, who says i HAVE TO paint this collaged style of color that's popular right now.. i need to get off that comparing horse and just BE ME and when i FINALLY do THAT everything will FALL INTO PLACE.

PHEW! I didn't mean this to be THIS LONG... maybe this should be a blog post now. 
[and NOW IT IS!] 
Sigh.. lol okay! off i go. 


It's not MONDAY silly rabbit!

After being gone for 5 days in Florida enjoying sunshine and an engagement party my mom through for Boy and Me, I'm back in NY!!!

On May 4th, Boy [bless his heart] drove back and forth from Queens to Brooklyn 6 times!!! 6! to help me with Etsy Ny's Spring Cavalcade. To say thanks i brought home some new members of our family! 

Welcome... THE TRIPLETS! Our new succulent! 

While home, i had LOTS of snuggles from this lovely lady above, Isabella. :)

AND, after using a laptop AND a tablet.. i got to listen to Michelle Ward's latest "Grown Up Gigs"! Jessie Smith Larson was a lovely person, and I'm so thankful i got to 'meet her'. :) 

 Last but NOT least... 
All of my [paper] artwork at Caddywampus! My work can be found in THREE states now!

never give up on your dreams friends!!!
smiles to you,
PS: Happy Motivational NOT Monday!


Brooklyn Zine Fest THIS Sunday!!

I can't believe after weeks and weeks or printing and months of work that Brooklyn Zine Fest is FINALLY here! It's this Sunday, and i hope to see you there! :)

Above is an article they posted about me on their blog [click it!] and HERE is a link from the ladies of The Runcible Spoon who mentioned me on this post*

I'm super excited to share my COMPLETED zine with ya'll and hope to see you all on Sunday! <3 br="">

* That's not actually me in the picture they mentioned. :)

New Comics AHOY!

Okay so this week was CRAZY busy!! I have SO MUCH to share! But for now, I'll just start with something I'm SO SO SO excited about! 

My new comic!


Clare Carrot Comic came to life when my friend Jess visited last {last} weekend. We were at the Met and i needed a little drawing break; thus CLARE was born!

BUT, before Clare, these silly carrot drawings were drawn.


To explain a little bit more, the crazy red head comedian 'Carrot Top' lives in Orlando Florida, and would often be seen running. Running topless. [this statement brought up a swell conversation about how folks don't say men are topless, and are actually 'shirtless', but whatever. I have my own lingo. :) 

Anyways, I'm SUPER excited to show you more comics! I'm unleashing them little by little on my Nightly Doodles blog.

Have a motivated, inspired day!
-Jenipher :) 

This Scardy Kat TRIUMPHS.

I feel paralyzed

^ thanks Dan Lugo ^ 
For the last few days I've wanted to blog, I've made leaps and bounds giving myself GRACE in what i feel I'm going to do with my blog in the upcoming year... I've come up with ideas on paper, and now...

I can't.
to blog.

I keep fighting with myself that barely anyone reads my Cherry Runway or my Nightly Doodles blog anyways, so why is this so hard for me... :(
This week i joined the Clubhouse.  

A group for artistic, business minded, determined women and men who need some community and coaching to make their lives and business' better and more efficient

So far I've already been so very blessed by the folks I've met so far, and the coaching call from today. Which is giving me the motivation to blog right now

It's scary, but the only thing i can do now is persevere... and persevere i WILL!

Thank you for reading my honesty friends.. I'm about to post my Foodie Friday post with even MORE honesty, so please bare with me. :)

Smiles and SO MUCH THANKS,

I'm feeling PROUD of myself. :)

Yesterday was a pretty cool day.

After a few hours of jewelry making at home, i went to meet the boy for lunch. [one of my favorite things!] We ate a delicious vegan lunch and then i went to a BRAND NEW amazing cafe. [which i will blog about Friday] 


While at the cafe, i was working on an interview for something really exciting which i will share with you tomorrow[ish].

While 'researching' for this interview i took a glace at my Tumblr site where i was first sharing my Nightly Doodles... and i was in awe. I'm so proud of how many days i drew, and how far along i've come as an illustrator [not just a girl who doodles]. It's such a blessing. Good golly!  

It inspired me so very much that i have decided I'm going to start doodling every night again, in addition to the colored doodles i post on my Nightly Doodles blog.

I'm so excited about this new/old venture that i drew for over an hour last night, which made my heart so very happy!

I recommend looking into your past accomplishments small and large when you feel like you need your passion's fire re-lit.

It helped me so much yesterday.
now off to find me that cupcake. ;)


Nightly Doodles @ Chelsea Market Baskets!!

Exciting News! 

...and an apology for my lack of blog posts, but goodness it's been SO busy since Chelsea Market ended! I've been selling at the Artist and Fleas in Brooklyn for the past two weekends, making new merch for the lovely Brooklyn folk. [more about that later]

AND... My work is NOW sold at Chelsea Market Baskets in NYC!!!!

I've been working my little tushy off preparing line sheets, and after a few persistent weeks, they placed an order! 

I'm so VERY excited! I love CMB. I think they have amazing merchandise and a friendly staff. Above and below are some of the STELLAR cards they will be selling there!

They picked up my whole line of "Hello NY" cards you see above. The boy actually came up with the idea, along with lots of the new prints i offer too!! 

[it's such a blessing to have a creative friend around all the time!]

 Lastly but NOT lease, they picked up my BRAND NEW card [above] i actually designed JUST to show them!

Because of this adventure, i have almost 20 different NYC inspired greeting cards. Now... to figure out if i should list them online?

What do YOU think? 

Now...back to regular blogging i hope! More adventures to share next week!

Thanks for reading friends!
-jenipehr :)  

Welcome to my CRAZY life.

 Happy  Friends!


from L to R: 

* a collage of all of recent doodles. LOVE IT!
   * A peek of my newest card collection, "Hello NY"
  * SO MUCH jewelry being made for shows and shops
* My snazzy new Nightly Doodles pendants
* a recent truth-a-doodle
*  Another look at one of my "Hello NY" cards.

Life has been mad busy lately. 
Lots of fun progress has been made, a random little art show has passed [it was terrible!] and I'm in preparation mode for my next show...
Artist and Fleas @ Chelsea Market.
Oct 16th - November 18th.


If you're in NY, I'd love to see you there! 

What creative adventures have you had lately?


Nightly Doodles on Martha Stewart!!

About a month ago i stumbled upon an amazing opportunity!

A chance to be in MARTHA STEWARTS magazine!! 

And win a BOAT load of money! I'm honored and excited to have this opportunity, and i even made a [very cheesy] video for the contest to prove it!

[click any of the pictures to see it!]

I would REALLY REALLY appreciate your vote! 

Please and THANK YOU!

Crossing my fingers, toes, EYES and ears that you vote for me!

Thank you SOOOO much!
Jenipher :) :) :)

May Life Serve You CHEESE!

I have a really 'cheesy' picture of my boyfriend and i on my Facebook profile. I'm in love with this photo, as it's SO CUTE!  One of my friends, Tim, said this to me as a comment below the photo and i knew it had to be my next colored drawing.

It rings true for so many things for me. I love cheesy; photos, jokes, dancing, etc etc... and i [truly] hope, i have a lifetime of the finest cheese


In case you wanted to see it ^^^ Here it is. Cheeeeesey! I love it! It was taken by the boy on my birth of days. What a happy day that was. [so blessed!]

Hope you have an inspired cheese flavored day!
-jenipher :D

Hello Martha, It's me, Jenipher.

So two weeks ago, i, along with LOTS of other Etsians were invited to the Martha Stewart show. The entire audience was made up of crafty folks with amazing hand made products; it was fantastic!
Mr. Jellyfish was with me at the Martha Show, and HOPEFULLY showed up on screen too!
Erin from Harp and Thistle and i are SUPER EXCITED! ::enter happy dance:: Miss Erin was the FIRST in line outside Martha's studio with her stellar husband and i came shortly after. :) TWO.5 HOURS later, we were in the studio taking this photo!
Always need a feet picture! These are mah buddies!!
In Orange we have Caroline from New Hope Beading.
In Green we have Mary Jo from Mercurios
In Blue we have Erin from Harp and Thistle.
And of course, in Yellow, it's ME!

I had a great time, it was a superb opportunity and I'm so blessed that i got to partake! I've been working a TON of my Etsy shop, and can't wait to attend more events at the Etsy Labs and beyond soon!

Happy Friday folks!

Forever With You.

I'm super sappy these days. But really, i always have been. This is another one of 'those doodles' that i actually drew at the auction before i moved to NY, but didn't color it until yesterday. :)

I REALLY like it!
I'm starting to REALLY LOVE these simplistic, colorless backround doodles. They make me super happy. 

I think later today I'm going to draw more simple doodles.

Is there anything you'd like me to doodle?
Happy Thursday!