Welcome to...."The week of an artist"!

I'm thinking of trying to have a weekly post of my favorite weekly photos.
[because MAN i take a lot of them!]

Thus......Welcome to the week of an artist! 

  • This chocolate peanut butter cupcake from 'The Bean" was DELICIOUS!
  • I felt SO pretty in my white lacey dress.
  • I love goofing off with the boy at night. This is one of the photos that came from that.
  • I have been wanting to paint my girl on a plate for a LONG TIME! finally!
 Have you had a nice creative week?
What have been your favorite part?

hope you're having a lovely day!

Exciting News!!!

Who ELSE has been .w a. i t i n g. for hand drawn doodle necklaces!!? I've recently collaborated with my AMAZING [and talented] friend Billie from Zu-Li Designs.

How super SWEET is this necklace? 
And this is just the first one! I've worn it every single day since Billie sent it to me. [thank you lady!]

More images on the way too!


Hope you are too!

It does not {ALL} have to be done today!

Good GOLLY this doodle is needed in my daily life. If you are like me, you worry and stress about finishing not one, not two, but ALL of your to-do lists....EVERY single DAY. I have to constantly remind myself this TRUTH.. that is TRULY does NOT have to be done today. It doesn't!
It doesn't doesn't DOESN'T!