Tunes Tuesday! {A-Dele-A-Doodle}

My friend StanlEy and I have decided that THE SONG since October was Adele's "Someone Like You" and since then it has been VERY MUCH overplayed to the point where i decided we need a new THE SONG.
I haven't quite figured out what can compare to the awesomeness of Adele, but i'm sure once i move to NY i'll figure it out.

Happy Tunes Tuesday!

Old Skool Record { l o v e }

^ danny phillips art ^

In the last few months, i have found a NEW love of records, record players, and a lot of new TUNES. For that i am super grateful!
                                                                                             Source: via Megan on Pinterest

                                                                                      Source: via Marlena on Pinterest

And lastly, these are the CUTEST wedding invites and gifts i've EVER seen. #superCUTE!

                              Source: via Thélissa on Pinterest

Thus...I'm also grateful for so many cool artists who make nifty things with record related items. :)

Have an musically inspired Friday!

[HEAR this!] Lyrics Gone Wrong.

What lyrics do you always get wrong?

A few years ago, while singing the Bangles tune, 'Just Another Manic Monday' a friend started singing these [^^^^] words, and i just started laughing. 

About two years later, a girly magazine posted an article about the 'top 50 lyrics that are always said wrong' and saw right there [number 14] was THIS lyric. 

Have a musical Wednesday!
Jenipher :)

[HEAR This!] Saves The Day...SAVED my day.

So...i had the STELLAR opportunity to hear an incredibly inspiring concert; Saves the Day. Afterwards my friend, and his friends [who call themselves "The Buddy System"] invited me to hang out and meet all the Saves The Day folk.
I was so in awe of how down to earth and inspiring the guys were, that I started doodling their lyrics. This inspired me to then doodle other lyrics. THUS 'Hear This' Wednesday was born.

If you haven't heard of Saves The Day, or just don't know many of their songs, I'm telling you RIGHT NOW, these guys are the REAL deal. After you see Chris's emotion when he sings, Arun plays a kick @$$ guitar, Claudio has the best smile and energy, and Rodrigo is just hilarious.  
Have a Musical Day!
Jenipher :)

[Hear THIS!] Monkeys and Mars.

I'm sure by now we have all heard this song.


I actually think it's pretty catchy and i could empathize with most of it. But i didn't QUITE realize what a strange strange video it had until my friend Nicole showed me.  

Have you seen it yet? I think I'm most intrigued that the monkey on the right must have felt very uncomfortable with 'his pants down'.  Because of his lack of 'liberality' he ruined the 'everything the same' dynamic. :)

Hope you're day is FILLED with random goodness!
Jenipher :)

My FIRST showing at a Coffee Shop!

i CAN'T express HOW stoked i am!! Drunken Monkey, in Orlando, just hung up FOUR of my pieces today!! HUZZAHHH! :D

My friend Bobby is the "curator" at this funky cool coffee shop. He plays the banjo in a really awesome band called the Mud Flappers. If you like folksy tunes, you'll totally DIG them!

Have an inspired Sunday!

Musical Masterpiece!

How incredible are these ukuleles! Oh my gosh..I literally stopped what i was doing to blog about these! [which is a rarity for me]

These beauties are hand-made by Celentano Woodworks. A gentleman in Ashville North Carolina.

Wow...okay. So there you have what i found most inspiring on this fine Sunday. I hope your having a lovely, inspiring one as well!


JENipher :)

Merry Holidays!! is has been pretty dern busy lately. It's funny though, because i am doing a lot, but it also feel like i haven't been doing much at all.

Life is funny.

I've had a couple art shows in the last couple weekends, which i shall post more about later! But for now, i leave you with a photo of myself, Santa and Chris and Conrad. Chris and Conrad are a musical duo who are quite talented.

I volunteered for a local radio station [z88.3] here earlier in the year, and they had a thank you Christmas party! Twas great fun. Great music. Yummy food. And Santa! :)

Couting the Crows.

Oh my!! I went to a Counting Crow concert a couple weeks ago and it was Fan-freaking-tastic!! All three bands were on stage, all playing each other's songs, for large majority of the concert. Twas incredible! I've never seen any concert where there were like, 20 people on stage almost the whole time.

Counting Crows Concert

They didn't break the concert up into three sections like most concerts I've been to. Instead, they all just kind of traded drummers every couple songs and sometimes it was just the one band at a time, and sometimes random members from the other bands were singing along as well. <- Phooey! I wanted to include this video. It's one of the only "High Life" versions i approve, but i can't seem to get the actual video in my blog. Blasphemy!

If you ever have the option of seeing them, even if you never heard them before [like moi] go see them! At least on this tour!! It was a wonderful experience. :)

To all the rejects....i present you Dan Lugo.

So, to all the rejects out there, I feel you. Not with my hands, but with my heart. - Dan Lugo.


Yeah...that LOVELY quote is from this guy ^^^.A great setiment for sure.

Besides being a good friend of mine (perhaps until he sees i posted his image on my blog), Dan plays some sweet tunes you should check out!! Lugo and writes a clever blog called Beta Narrative - which is precisely where i stole this quote.

Tune in for more sensitive sentiments from Dan Lugo in the future.