It's not MONDAY silly rabbit!

After being gone for 5 days in Florida enjoying sunshine and an engagement party my mom through for Boy and Me, I'm back in NY!!!

On May 4th, Boy [bless his heart] drove back and forth from Queens to Brooklyn 6 times!!! 6! to help me with Etsy Ny's Spring Cavalcade. To say thanks i brought home some new members of our family! 

Welcome... THE TRIPLETS! Our new succulent! 

While home, i had LOTS of snuggles from this lovely lady above, Isabella. :)

AND, after using a laptop AND a tablet.. i got to listen to Michelle Ward's latest "Grown Up Gigs"! Jessie Smith Larson was a lovely person, and I'm so thankful i got to 'meet her'. :) 

 Last but NOT least... 
All of my [paper] artwork at Caddywampus! My work can be found in THREE states now!

never give up on your dreams friends!!!
smiles to you,
PS: Happy Motivational NOT Monday!


Today. Was. Glorious!

Good golly! Today has been SUCH a good day! 
This week has actually been STUPENDOUS!! So much to share...!! [I'll just post about today though.]

 This week is week one of Jenn Lee's video summit and day 3 spoke DIRECTLY to my heart! The video was with Kelly Rae Roberts & Beth Nicholls, and it was INCREDIBLE

Today instead of Hulu-ing, i decided to listen to a bunch of Michelle Ward's videos, which was quite exhilarating. It was seriously a great start to the day. 

^ City Reliquary // My Dream Series collection! Now sold at << ^

By 9:30am this morning i finished all of my mandatory work, and did a TON of other work before meeting boy for cookies, and reading Jessica Swift's E-book.

Between Jess's confident nature and support from my friend Margot, i did something i never thought i would! I signed up for Lilla Roger's class. AHHHH!!! 

So. Freaking. Crazy.
I was SO excited i got hiccups! 

After that excitement i dropped off my work at City Reliquary!!! [which NOW sells my Dream Series and some pendents Billy and I created!!!!] and then off to Dumbo for an Etsy NY team meeting. :D 

I met great friends, i got a FREE brownie after telling the guy at the West Elm cafe about my art show at Modca, and i purchased a new mini plant at a children's shop I've always wanted to go to.    

All in all, today was glorious! I feel excited for the next few weeks of my journey! :D

What's new with you? 
-Jenipher :)

Monday Motivation anyone?

This week on the Nightly Doodles blog, i finally blogged for the whole week! phew! FINALLY!

It was a really good mix of silly doodles and inspirational doodles if i do say so myself. :)

This one ^^ is BY FAR my favorite of the bunch though. :) 

I hope this motivates you at least a little this morning. It helped me some... it SERIOUSLY feels like a Monday today!

here's to a GREAT week!

Monday Motivation!

This is the lovely assortment of "doodles" posted on my Nightly Doodles blog this past week.

This first one is my favorite i've made in a long while, and i'll be adding it to my Etsy shop this week.

And yes... i know i spelled concur wrong. I think... well no, i didn't know, but after my boyfriend, a girlfriend from back home AND a guy i haven't talked to in a LONG time messaged me to tell me... i guess it's spelled wrong.

Ha. It's soo typical of me to have spelling mistakes, i've just learned to EMBRACE them!

I hope ya'll have an amazing Monday! 

Stay Motivated!

Ready for some Monday Motivation?

Hi! Happy Monday!
This doodle week on ze blog was really all over the place in terms of what i posted!

Above is a print of a collage painting i finished a couple weeks ago! It looks so snazzy!


This print i custom made for a super cool customer for his mother. His mom was visiting this weekend so he brought her over to Chelsea Market and i got to meet her! 

{{so cool !}}

I love my job. :)
I hope i get to do it forever.

Happy Monday friends!!
until tomorrow...