Inspired. Learned. Quoted.

I learned so much at church tonight that i wanted to blog about it! I can't wait to doodle all these INSPIRING quotes and wisdom bits. :D
"everyone has SOMETHING to offer" 
"Little bits of faithfulness. Thats how the world changes"
"choose to trust even if it's hard"
"I've never met anyone who regretted trusting God"
"choose joy"
"farther along, we'll understand why"

"God is always at work, even if we can't see it"
"the most amazing things about god is how he heals us'
:) :)

One Year Ago today...

was a really complicated day actually....

i'm very thankful that hearts have the ability to heal...
....and even sprout over time.
that we, as humans, are able to forgive; ourselves and others.
that things WILL get better.
that each time something unexpected happens...
that we DO heal.
that other things BLOOM.

Until all of those things happen though...
thank goodness for THIS math problem!

Thank you to ALLLLLL of those who have helped me heal, and loved me; even on my worst hour. It's been a roller coaster of a year and i'm so incredible blessed to have the support system i've had over the last 365 days. [and still do!]

I'm always incredibly amazed that people really love me. [even when i forget they do]. God is good, and keeps reminding me!! [over...and over....]

I am loved.
and SO. ARE. YOU!

Have a lovely Sunday,

Life..among other things...

Still working through my "self worth" issues. You see, it's funny...i thought that my issues were purely complication only within myself. But this weekend, i realized that they linger in my business as well.

While having a trunk show at one of my favorite galleries, i realized that i ended up losing money because i undercharged for a hand full of items. Which is quite silly. I wrote down all the prices, but when people approached me, i clammed up and blurted out a different [sometimes MUCH lower] number instead.

I don't know why i do this. I know i am not the most talented person in the whole world, but i do in fact know I AM talented. I just wish i let myself know that more often.

Do any of you battle your self worth? Especially those who are artists?

Ohhh yes i do. My jewelry, YOUR ARTWORK, they aren't YOU. You created them yes, but they do not SCREAM your self worth. If someone doesn't purchase or even like your work, it IS NOT a personal attack! In fact, it has NOTHING to do with you.

You are not your art! You are NOTNOTNOTNOTNOTNOT.

::enter dramatic sigh:: ;)

You are so valuable! I hope you know it!
Smiles and blessings to all,
Jenipher :D

Blogs are Scary if you have Feelings.

It's 1am.
I should be in bed....but i had the urge to blog. [[kind of]]

I've been MIA from the blog-o-sphere for a while now. Mostly because I'm dealing with a lot of things right now. For a while now actually...

...and honestly.. i didn't feel i had anything of value to say, share, bring to the blogging table.

Among many things I'm "working on" right now, I've been dealing with self worth issues for a while now. I've most recently realized that i just have to DO things, and not fear them. I should just blog, because i feel like blogging. Not ignore it in fear of saying or not saying anything gratifying to those who read it. Isn't what essentially when a blog is supposed to be??

I suppose [and I'm supposing not just for myself]] that it's somewhat intimidating to try and create a blog that shows your true colors. YET, one that INSPIRES others.

But how can i even inspire anyone if i, myself, don't feel inspiring/inspired?
I feel like I'm talking in circles. But you know what? At least circles are never ending. And perhaps if i talk enough then I'll eventually make a full one.

I hope you're life is a full circle!! One filled with happiness, joy and everlasting creativity!!

Smiles and Blessings to you my crafty friends!
Jenipher :D

Ohhhh these Crafty Folk!!

When i saw these fun stickers by CraftyFolk i was hooked and had to see what other goodies this lovely artist had.

My goodness, I am so intrigued by Sarah from CraftyFolk. Her drawings are simply adorable and i love how she has made her drawings into wood pendants. Brilliant!

Make sure you visit her website and blog too, and go see what other goodies are on her etsy page. You won't be disappointed! :p

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