Lisa Congdon...what a talented lady! {Moody Monday}

How AMAZING in this studio? It belongs to the artist,Lisa Congdon, and it makes me SO happy! Not only is her WORK incredible, but her website and blog are both filled with colorful inspiration. I'm definitely a fan! I hope you're having a colorful Monday!

                                                                                        Source: via beth on Pinterest

(hello!) happy Sunday!

Hello friends! I've been WANTING to write on this blog for AGES but it's been SO CRAZY on my end of the real life-a-sphere! I'm prepping to MOVE to NEW YORK in the next few weeks and it's been INsane!

I've never lived anywhere EXCEPT Florida so it's going to be a HUGE change, but i'm super excited as well! but....! i've just spent the last two hours prepping blogs for the whole week to hopefully inspire you during another [stessFREE?] work week! 

Happy Sunday!

Old Skool Record { l o v e }

^ danny phillips art ^

In the last few months, i have found a NEW love of records, record players, and a lot of new TUNES. For that i am super grateful!
                                                                                             Source: via Megan on Pinterest

                                                                                      Source: via Marlena on Pinterest

And lastly, these are the CUTEST wedding invites and gifts i've EVER seen. #superCUTE!

                              Source: via Thélissa on Pinterest

Thus...I'm also grateful for so many cool artists who make nifty things with record related items. :)

Have an musically inspired Friday!

Eek! Grant day!

i'm so short, the mike nearly fell down from adjusting it. ha!

I know i was kind of non-existent for a good portion of last year, so i don't quite remember if i mentioned the excitement of a professional development grant i applied for.. alas...i applied for a grant from United Arts. This grant helps professional working artists make their dreams a little easier to come true. :)

It was VERY HARD work, and took months to complete but i was proud of myself i did it. Today was the grant paneling, which is essentially a meeting where they ask you about your project to see if it sounds legit. The paneling was held all day in a really stellar indie movie theater in Winter Park. I was extremely nervous so my [illustrator] friend Julissa met me there to give me hugs and moral support.

enzian ^

eek! ^

I went up at 1pm, [the first one after lunch!!] and was [knee shaking] nervous, but I honestly think i did pretty well, even when they questioned my grant. Everyone was very friendly, and my scores did go up after my paneling which I'm very thankful for.

I find out on February 4th if i receive one of the grants, and I'm eagerly awaiting the response. Either way, this experience helped me really develop what my goals for my life and business are; which is a glorious thing indeed.

that's me! ^

i looked perdy cute in my 'business casual' attire. I'm happy about that. :]

I can't express in words the gratitude i have for everyone who has encouraged and helped me along the way. It's such a lovely feeling to know that other people think I'm headed in the right direction to make my dreams come true.

I hope you have someone[s] who remind you they have faith in yours too! If not, PLEASE let me know. I'll send some encouragement your way!!

mucho love,