Bad bad blogger and the snail ring!!

And here i thought i was going to be THE BEST BLOGGER since i returned from California. I mean, i had SO MUCH to share right? But then life gets in the way, and you cut your toe open and the meds made you sick and your soooo tired from the crutches and...what? Not your life? Oh! Just mine!! Phooey!

Anyways, there is much i shall share, but tonight i'll just take it easy and show you my FAVORITE thing i purchased while at Renegade.

If you really know me, you'll understand why i am SO VERY excited about this purchase.

Snail ring!!

I've been looking for a special "Jen Ring" for a few months now, and i was holding out until i found one that completely struck my fancy. It's been a long journey finding this ring but thanks for the lovely Christine from Chocolate and Steel, i finally found it!!

I <3 snails oh so much! So much to the point that when there are snails in the present, i kind of lose track of time and need to be reminded that we errands to run and a life to live.

Snail ring!!

This ring has made me a very happy camper. It symbolizes a lot for me, and has especially made me smile every two days when i have to take another trip to the clinic. :)

Make sure you check out Christine's web shop! She really is a very talented jewelry designer!!

Sweet Somethings..

I had a tooth pulled yesterday and the medicare they gave me for my sedation made me very ill. Alas, It's so easy to feel extreme joy after such a horrible previous day.

Unseen Beauty.

Joy number one: [from my co-worker]

"You're like who we all go to when we need cheering up around here. I was so happy you worked with me the other day, you really cheered me up."

Joy number two: [Katie from Etoile Boutique]:

"Bring in whatever jewelry you like. All of it is amazing and everyone loves it, so you can just bring in anything."

Highlight of my day:

My room mate and his girlfriend just broke up, so he joined Okcupid too. And today he sent me a girls page to see what i thought of her. I thought it was nice he wanted my opinion. :)


I leave in 8 DAYS!!!
Yay! Life is grand. to Kung Fu i go.. :)

Have a stellar day ya'll!

Operation: Become Human. PART II

Blueberry Lemon Cupcake Mmm Cupcake. :)

I'm back at a coffee shop that I've recently been frequenting. Although,the last time i was here i was in a completely different mind set. (lol which was March 17th, just over a month ago)

Since that post, i HAVE been better. I have been functioning, and realizing that I'm very thankful I'm not engaged anymore. The ache i was feeling then, is not longer. Now it's a different ache. One that doesn't control me completely. Although, i am functioning, I'm not really fully "living" yet. I'm still a partial zombie, trying to focus long enough to complete a single task.

I find it so incredible how I've ALWAYS stressed out heavily over my to do lists. Now I'm lucky if i focus long enough to accomplish ONE thing a day. (Like writing this blog, THIS is the task I've given myself today) (baby steps!)

So to celebrate my humanness, I'm here to tell you visually invite you to see the things that have made my life a little happier.

I Heart Rollarblading

Bright blue skies, the greenest green of grass, inspirational music to fill my ears and my roller blades made today, a better day.

Oh. The colors.

I think my favorite part of decorating the eggs this past Easter (which by the way, was my first time ever coloring eggs) was abundance cups of colorful dye.

I couldn't help myself taking more pictures of the dyes then my friends.

My Favorite Egg.

A lovely day with families of friends made not only me smile, but my egg too.

Blueberry Lemon Cupcake

My former boss from Anthropologie has a baking business. And my oh my, are his cupcakes amazing. You [might] remember my blog post about his deliriously delicious cookies. These were Blueberry and Lemon cupcakes, and what a treat they were!

Alas, there you have just a few things that have made these past few weeks much better. Stay tuned...!

Opperation Become Human. :)

Okay, so obviously if you've read the past few posts of my blog then you know that i'm having a rough time right now. For the past two weeks i've just been this emotional lump. This is such a crazy process, and has been much more tramatizing them i ever imaged. I never quite realized how much i relied on Riley. I had no idea how helpless i could feel. I used to be such an indipendant person. I loved alone time, but still rejoiced time with friends and family. Where did that girl go? I lost her.

Artistic Tea

But alas, after finally getting the closure i needed, i realize that life will go on. It just has to. is day one of "Opperation Become Human". (otherwise known to me as OBH) I have been running eronds all day today, bringing jewelry to shops that ive been needing to replenish all month, and going to a coffee shop just becuase i want to.

My day has actually been pretty wonderful. Here's the run down.

Pumpkin Tea.

*Went to bed with the feeling "I can finally look in the mirror and see a girl who knows everything will be okay."

* Actually slept.

* Woke up, cleaned a bit, and ate breakfast. (mmm good breakfast, vegan corn chili)

* Went to the gallery i used to work at and talked to the fine ladies there. Dropped off "Jenipher Lyn" jewels.

* Made plans with a friend to have lunch and go to the museum tomorrow. Yay!

* Drove to the coffee shop and finally got some work done. (FINALLY!!)

* Randomly sold a harmonica to a nice gentleman who works at the coffee shop.

* Picked up a very nice consignment check from a lovely indie shop i'm in.

* R&R. Relaxed and Read magazines at B&N, just for me, nothing to do with Cherry Runway.

* My friend is coming over in ONE HOUR! to spend time with me and have dinner. Hopefully i'll make her go for a walk with me. :)

* Picked up my mail. Which has been empty for days. Today was a wonderful mail day though!

- The beautiful journals for a craft swap with the talented ladies in my online class.

- A really sweet note from two of the gals. Thank you so so much Laura and Ashley!

- A free sub coupon for Firehouse for my birthday.

- A consignment check from the gallery! Surprise surprise!

- A Bed Bath and Beyond coupon. (always fun, especially with all the gift cards i have from there)

Yummy Cookies

I think that pretty much sums up my day. Today was a bright one. Tomorrow may be a hard one. I don't know really..i just know i need to lift my chin, realize it's all just going to be okay, and live my life.

I leave you with a quote from my room mate Josh...

People are going to live their life. You just have to live yours. - Josh

Yay! I'm "Flourish"ing!!

I was recently e-mailed by lovely lady named Vanessa asking if i would be an artist in her shoppe. Flourish Boutique is in South Bend, Indiana. Her shop just opened a few months ago and is doing quite well already! All of the other artists that are apart of her shop are delighted and told me i should be honored to have been contacted by Vanessa. Flourish has an abundance of handmade creations ranging from fine art, clothing, shoes, accessories, jewelry, and home decor.

Although I'm really weary of consignment after some of the other fiasco's I've encountered, I'm still very excited about this opportunity. Vanessa seems extremely put together, had a well written contact, and everyone had so many nice things to say. It was an offer i couldn't refuse. I sent off a selection of my jewels on Monday. Below is just a few to make an appearance.


Mytini, Or Yours

Not Your Mother's Pearls

Leopard Lampwork Love

Tensha Pearl

and matching earrings!

Play Me A Ditty

I'm so excited to be a part of Flourish. I hope my jewelry Flourishes. Har har. :)

Hope your having a peachy holiday season so far!!

What I have learned...

Actually, i have learned an abundance of things. Today particularly, i am learning about being random. Or "Irregularly" is what we're calling it at work. Did you know it actually takes WAY more planning to create irregularly then it does to just create with structure. You need to not only consider the actual composition, but the shape, negative space and color as well. It is RACKING my brain, but it a wonderful wonderful way.

I can't show you quite yet what i've been working on, but for now i can show you what Riley and I have learned in the kitchen.


My wonderful boyfriend who once stated he was going to cook dinner because i was in a frenzy, had his keys in his hands, and was prepared to slip out the door unnoticed. When I came downstairs and asked him where he was going, he said he didn't know what to do in the kitchen. A couple weeks later, he and I are visiting my family and cooking with my Great Aunt Kiki. (That really should say GREAT!!! because she is one of my favorite people in the world.


She taught him how to make her infamous chicken nuggets. The Italian Way.


Don't they look perdy? Even I think so!! (how strange...)


She taught me to cook Italian Pasta Fagioli. [pasta and bean soup]

Twas a great time, and it taught us to cook some new things that aren't that expensive to make. (always a good thing!!)

Better Late Then Not At All.

I've been an absolute blogging slacker. There has been much going on in my non-internet based reality and it's been quite overwhellming. In the past month or so since i've blogged i have enjoyed;

* A lovely birthday.
* A fun birthday party.
* A wonderful boyfriend.
* Meeting his family. eek!
* Two visits home. [including tonight]
* Being at my dad's 49th dinner party.
* Sick relitives.

[okay so i didn't enjoy this, in fact, it's killing me]

I'm sure there are more things, but right now i'm kind of cloudy minded, so i can't remember. This week i was happily asked to do Visual again at Antro for the next two weeks. This week i have...

* Been reaquiented with the evil 8 ft ladder.
* Made two sale signs that are on the sales floor.
* Leanred how to water ferns.
* Helped make and paint two wheel barrows for displays.

Next week, i'm helping make the new window displays. That shall be fun. Until then, Riley and I are driving back home to visit my Grandpa in the hospital. If your reading this, try and keep him in your thoughts, he's not doing very well. :(

Have a wonderful weekend blog land folk!

Over and Out.