Magical Creative Day.

* Midnight painting adventure tonight.

* Decent work day.

* AM guitar playing/song writing.


* "To be Fat Like Me" - on Hulu. Good movie!!

* Smiles.

* Planning my trip to NY.

* many doodles!

* Encouragement.

* i LOVE these paintings!!!!!!!

* Apples and Greek Hummus.

* bananas. always.

* Yoga was SO good tonight!

* My instructor, said i did a GREAT "pigeon" :]

I hope you are having a wonderfully creative day!


Jenipher :)

Picnics, Farmers Markets and a Happy Saturday.

I went on a picnic a couple weekends ago. First we went to the Farmers Market (yay!) and bought some delicious foods.

I tried my first Arnold Palmer which was STELLAR! We played our guitars, ate delicious food and enjoyed the beautiful weather. Twas lovely.

The squirels are really cocky. They litterally come RIGHT up to you to steal you're food.

Go Squirel Go!

This one was a run away. :) We did give him a cherry eventually.

Picnic Goodness

MMM....So yummy!

I love acousitc guitars...PLUS they travel well, so you can bring them to parks.

And sometimes we've had such lovely weather...when it's not raining. Welcome to Florida! It's either gorgeous or horrid outside.

All in all it was a nice afternoon. I seriously LOVE Farmers Markets so it's always a treat to visit them!

Scrapbook Challenge

I signed up for a swell scrapbook swap with my Red Velvet class mates.

This was very good for me. It pushed me to really make something with a time limit. Which is something i need right now.

Scrapbook I

Scrapbook I

Obviously, when is started these pages last week i was in a very sad state. I'm not quite as sad as these pages project, but i still have a lot of healing to do.

I know i have a lot of work to do, creativity to find, and enough supplies to own an art store, so I'm hoping over time I'll get better and really enjoy crafts again.

Scrapbook II

Scrapbook II

Two of my class mates, Ashley and Laura started a scrapbook challenge blog that i'm very excited about! Check them out!!

As the song i dislike says "...It's been a while..." (since i last posted)

Nothing majorly exciting happening in Cherry Runway land right now. I've been trying to make and photograph like a fiend so portions of my catalog is actually complete. I'm actually having to make three different ones, because I'm sending catalogs to three different types of bouqties and galleries. So, that's quite time consuming, but it's fun, so it's worth it.

Vintage LoveOrganic TigerEleuthera

Other then that, I've mostly been trying my best to stay motivated, but getting distracted by Izzie, my beautiful acoustic guitar, she takes away my concentration. On the bright side, i've writen two new songs as of late.

Okay, well, i hope everyone is doing well!! Craft on!